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Did Hunter Biden just admit the laptop in the Ukraine scandal was his? Dive into his recent interview on CBS and find out the latest.

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Joe Biden said he hadn’t talked about the federal probe into his son, Hunter Biden and his net worth. Could this all be fake news? Find out now.

Major media sources have intentionally ignored reports on the Biden Ukraine controversy. Why aren't they speaking up?

According to reports, Hunter Biden failed to report $400,000 in income to the IRS. How much is Hunter Biden's real net worth?

Hunter Biden’s break from the spotlight is over. How did he grow his net worth? Did Hunter Biden commit tax fraud?

Ivanka’s former childhood friends released details about their childhood. Prepare to sip the tea about young Ivanka Trump.

Politics & controversy go hand in hand like peanut butter & jelly. Here are all the best dark humor jokes about Hunter Biden.