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Will Sleepy Joe Biden go to jail for a filing error?

Big power inherently comes with a big responsibility and also, numerous gazes targeting the small details of your past & present. Will Joe Biden go to jail for something he did in the past? As if it weren’t enough with Hunter Biden’s laptop controversy, now is president Biden the one under the controversial spotlight. It looks like none of the family members are allowed to get sleepy. 

In the era where a single tweet from ten years ago can end someone’s career, imagine what a classified document can do. Last November, president Joe Biden’s aides discovered numerous classified documents away from the Washington Office he used after Obama’s administration. Since then, Biden aides have dedicated themselves to searching for any other materials of that kind in other locations.

All details about the ongoing inquiry have come from an anonymous source, which always makes things more complicated. CBS was the first source to report it, to which the White House stood quiet, nor the Justice Department had a comment. There are several details around this situation that could be clearer, like the precise location of the documents. But why are they being so problematic? Here’s all you need to know. 

What’s up with the documents? 

Other locations beyond his former office in Washington have been inspected by Biden aides in order to discover if there are other classified documents. If they are Joe Biden will definitely need to get out of his sleepy mood and turn documents over to the National Archives, and the Justice Department will also be involved. Although there’s a lot unclear, the search has been described as exhaustive.

The goal is to get a full register of all classified documents, but how did a bunch of important papers end up like this? The quick answer for several is that they may have been accidentally packed in boxes when Biden cleared out from that office in January 2017. Till the intentions aren’t proven either it’ll be hard to mess with Biden and think of jail, yet, he’ll go through a dark moment. 

The “small number of documents” as the White House referred to on Monday, that have been reported, were found by Biden’s attorneys in a locked closet. It all happened while his attorneys were preparing to vacate the space at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement. We know all this, thanks to the special counsel to President Richard Sauber’s testimony. But what has Biden said? 

Did Joe Biden get sleepy? 

We know the archives are related to Obama and the Justice Department, but what has Biden said about this whole controversy? If the President was feeling a little sleepy it is definitely time to wake up if the archive plight isn’t enough to do that Trump’s comments surely will! But we’ll talk about that later. All Biden has told reporters is to be “surprised” by this discovery, and that he wasn’t aware of the content. 

Is it true? He said something similar when he was asked about his son’s controversy regarding Ukraine companies, suddenly he knew nothing about it. But is he actually unaware or just playing sleepy? Ignorance can be quite a comfortable mask, although a crime will always be a crime, it can somehow dissolve or at least shade depending on the intentions behind it. 

Let’s talk about Trump, who as usual has mocked Biden, anyway who hasn’t been mocked by Trump? But this time he shouldn’t be mocking so freely since he’s currently the subject of a federal criminal investigation directed by the Justice Department. Trump has been reported to possess over 100 classified documents despite his citation for their return. If he didn’t go to jail, Biden wouldn’t either. 

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