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While millions of Texans were without power and water this week, Ted Cruz was flying to his vacation. Here are the best Twitter memes dragging him.

Twitter memes: Ted Cruz went to Cancún during Winter Storm Uri

Over the past twenty-four hours, Senator Ted Cruz got into some hot water. Texas, the state he represents in the United States Senate, has been experiencing extreme weather for the region. Rolling blackouts and power outages have left millions of Texas residents without power and running water. While many have been stuck freezing in their homes, Ted Cruz and his family booked it to Cancún, Mexico. 

Cruz has since come back to the states, but not before public outrage surged through the internet. Though he claims he went to drop off his twelve-year-old & eleven-year-old for a trip since school is closed, it has since come out his return flight was supposed to be on Saturday. To ease their anger, Twitter users did what Twitter users do best: meme’d it.

Here are the best Ted Cruz on the way to Cancún memes. 

Scrolling through his mentions

We love the idea that Ted Cruz had to sit on a plane and read every tweet that put him on blast while everyone on the plane glared at him. What way to fly to Mexico.

Blamed his children

Ted Cruz literally blamed his children for his ill-timed and tone-deaf trip to Mexico. This kind of blunder is what gets us out of bed in the morning. The best part of waking up is politicians effing up

Baggage claim

He must have some big bags to fly to Mexico in the middle of Texas’s cold snap. Well, he does. He literally does. 

I didn’t even go there

How many of you have ever felt personally victimized by Ted Cruz? *Every cold person in Texas raises their hand*


Let’s face it. Ted Cruz is the Billy Zane of the Senate and he would absolutely steal a child to save himself. DID 👏 WE 👏 STUTTER👏

Marie An-Ted-nette

If only the senator would show up to the capitol looking like that. He would look less ridiculous than he does on a plane to Cancun in the middle of a statewide emergency. 

First the Zodiac Killer…

Look, we’re not saying Ted Cruz is the Zodiac killer. But we’re also not not saying it. He did leave millions of Texans to freeze to death, so he still could be scratching his murderous itch 🤷

. . . Now Big Foot

The only two images that would make this meme better would be if it was squished between the strutting Leonardo DiCaprio meme and the Michael Cera leap. The only thing rarer than Big Foot is a senator doing his job. 

Don’t be suspicious 

If only politics could be as powerful and optimistic as they are in Parks and Recreation. Instead, we have politicians flying to Cancún when their entire state is frozen. If this situation was to happen in Parks and Rec, Leslie Knope would fix it by getting Ron Swanson to fiddle with some electrical wires while the rest of the gang deliver supplies and calzones in Donna’s benz. We can dream, right?

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