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A former employee has alleged that the platform has lied about its supposed "dedication" to reducing hate speech & violence. What's wrong with Facebook?

The 2020 Census results are finally in, and already, states are gaining and losing representation. Find out if your state is gaining or losing a House seat here.

Last week, we all saw Texas covered in snow. But was it real snow? Grab a lighter, a blow dryer, and learn all about the latest TikTok conspiracy

Did you see what happened in Texas? Looks like the snow caused more than just a mess in their backyard. Here's everything that went down in Texas.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz claimed his trip to Cancún was planned. However, texts from his wife suggest otherwise. Read the leaked texts here.

While millions of Texans were without power and water this week, Ted Cruz was flying to his vacation. Here are the best Twitter memes dragging him.

With Jon Ossoff securing victory in Georgia, does Joe Biden have a narrow majority in the U.S. Senate? Dive into what the results mean here.

What does an 1877 commission on Reconstruction have to do with the 2020 election? See our breakdown of Senator Ted Cruz's election results plan.

Vice President Mike Pence's meeting with Congress was set to finalize the 2020 election before the riot. Does have the power to block the Electoral College?