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Did you see what happened in Texas? Looks like the snow caused more than just a mess in their backyard. Here's everything that went down in Texas.

The Texas snow storm is horrible: These awful photos prove it

If you thought the storms in 2020 were bad. . . get ready for 2021’s latest snowstorm! The Texas snowstorm was announced by Senator Ted Cruz that it’s extremely “dangerous” and not to risk your lives by going outside. 

According to Buzzfeed, Ted Cruz warned Texas about staying indoors and protecting “your family”, but it seems that Cruz has been caught in a storm of his own when he flew to Cancun instead of following his own set of guidelines. Oops. . . 

Since the paparazzi caught Ted Cruz checking out for Cancun, Texas has tweeted everything including their anger & suffering to their senator.

Caught red handed

It seems the Senator Advisor & Communications for Julian Castro, Sawyer Hackett just caught Senator Ted Cruz on a flight to Mexico during the “dangerous” snowstorm. Is Cruz fleeing for safety from the snow or towards a sunny family holiday? You decide.

Shaken or stirred?

After Ted Cruz’s holiday from the snow, fans have blasted the Texas senator for his trip to Mexico with the perfect meme and Merrick Garland is not impressed. 

Pointing fingers

Since Ted Cruz’s family trip, he was questioned about why his family fled during the Texas storm. Unfortunately, Cruz could only blast Merrick Garland about his level of integrity. The irony!

Welcome to Texas!

The only gift Ted Cruz thought he was getting would be a house full of snow, but it looks like a local Mariachi band has the best sense of humor. It looks like the Texas senator is really facing the music. 

Nothing like home

Other Texans are disgusted by Ted Cruz’s actions. In fact, Twitter users are posting pictures to the senator of what the snowstorm did to their house.

“Winter is coming”

According to some Twitter users, the Texas snowstorm was so heavy that it actually caused a town’s water system to freeze. Talk about getting left in the cold

Anything there?

Thanks to Ted Cruz allegedly leaving his state without proper plans for the snowstorm, many stores were hit badly. Some stores had barely any products at all and others couldn’t afford to stay at home according to this Twitter. 

Just another pipe burst

Despite the nonchalant tweet, this Twitter user’s pipes actually froze during the snowstorm which meant that no water was available. The pipes then ended up bursting after they finally melted. Sounds like a good time during a pandemic & a storm right?

Getting creative

Ever heard of a storm stay-cation? Neither have we. But it looks like some Texans tried to make the best of a horrible situation. The snow from the storm took out the heat & power, but don’t worry they’ve made their own heating system out of sheets. Yikes.

Freeze to death

Some Texans are reminding Ted Cruz about his lack of belief in climate change. With everything that’s happened in the state while he was on vacation, could the noise change his mind? Only time will tell. . . 

Were you also badly hit in the Texas snowstorm? Did the snow or cold do any damage to your house? Let us know in the comments below.

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