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This week, Emilia Clarke penned a heartfelt letter about her time on the hit HBO show 'Game of Thrones', breaking many a fanboys’ heart by confirming that her

From the overabundance of explosions, crossbows that emulate assault rifles, and blatantly no accurate representation of English medieval material culture, their clothes look straight out of Hunger Games,

Recently, the news of a battle scene from the next season of 'Game of Thrones' taking a staggering 55 consecutive nights to shoot set fans’ wildest fantasies free.

Rather than sobbing into our proverbial pillows, we’ve decided to shine a light on the black hole of TV shows that tragically met their maker (courtesy of axe-wielding

While the rest of the world appears to be doing cartwheels over a very cryptic announcement concerning HBO’s confirmed 'Game of Thrones' prequel, we’ve been over here drinking

Movie and TV viewers all have their favorite musical moments since the dawn of the moving image. Fans still dance to the theme from Footloose, get amped when

While there’s a growing emphasis on developing strong, dynamic characters of color for today’s TV programming, few writers and showrunners manage to do it right. Although there’s still

TV is currently full of amazing female led shows that you totally need to start watching if you aren’t already. Need the lowdown on the essentials? Here’s our

The winners of the 45th annual Daytime Emmy Awards were announced on Sunday and unsurprisingly, 'Days of Our Lives' was the champion of the night. At this stage,