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These days, creating a campaign that stands out means doing something different. Let’s take a look at some of the most genius marketing ploys in big and small

Usually found drinking a bottle of whiskey a day – a habit we can’t discourage enough – Krysten Ritter’s scowling, biting performance as 'Jessica Jones' ranks high among

We love exploring and decoding language, particularly with fictional languages created especially for a TV show or movie. With Ryan Coogler’s 'Black Panther' causing audiences to obsess over

Hold onto your hats ladies & gentlemen, because HBO are bringing an immersive Westworld experience to SXSW for 2018. Offering fans the chance to be shuttled straight to

From executive producer Veena Sud comes 'Seven Seconds' – a crime drama about an African American teenage boy who is killed by a Caucasian New Jersey police officer

Life as a sci-fi fan wasn’t always easy Back in its early days, the science-fiction genre was for members of a fringe cultural niche, considered to be the preserve

When one considers the most famous movie franchise in history, 'Star Wars' is most assuredly up there on the list. The film saga from George Lucas, which now

The new 'Star Wars' trilogy from 'Game of Thrones' showrunners David Benioff and D. B. Weiss is full of possibility. Meanwhile, Lawrence Bender, a producer on Tarantino’s Kill

In honor of the 9th annual Women in Horror Month taking place this February, these are the 10 best female-directed horror movies currently streaming on Netflix, Hulu, and