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Emilia Clarke is a talented actress known for her role in 'Game of Thrones'. But does she regrets any of the sex scenes she performed?

Why does Emilia Clarke regret these sex scenes?

Every spectator appreciates a good sex scene, but is it the same for actors? We’re back with one of our favorite yet, most complex topics in Film Daily: nudity & sex scenes. Everything that relates to our bodies is completely natural & valid, however, there are so many taboos around them that it’s easy to fall into morbidity. It’s important to stay critical with these scenes, but also sensitive.

Emilia Clarke, who plays the role of fierce Daenerys Targaryen in our beloved series Game of Thrones has spoken up about her experience with this topic. Clarke filmed more sex scenes than any other character in the show, (this reminds us of Cassie in Euphoria) so her voice it’s quite important in this conversation. Let’s take a look at Clarke’s experience on T.V. is there anything she wishes she had never did?

Regret is a strong word, especially when it comes linked to a famous T.V. show that has been watched worldwide. Nevertheless, what kind of regrets can come from filming sex scenes if, in the end, there’s nothing wrong with sexuality? We think of three things: the director’s purpose & message behind it, how necessary the nude was, and the way the public received it. Let’s take a closer look. 

In general, no regrets

Emilia Clarke has publicly shared how she feels about her sex scenes through interviews and her Instagram. Apparently, Emilia Clarke is very comfortable with her sex scenes, even if her parents are watching them, in fact, the actress once shared to have watched an episode with them. Clarke’s father only looked back at her asking “again?”, referring to her nudity in the show. 

However, this scene Emilia Clarke shared to watch with her parents was about so much more than being naked. It was about Dany taking control of the army that could help her to take the Seven Kingdoms. Let’s have in mind that sex & nudity are great symbolic & entertainment elements in all narratives, a story like Game of Thrones will surely need some action. 

Yet, another situation regarding Clarke’s sex scenes in this show is the feminist critics that bashed all over the actress during season six. But isn’t the main goal of feminism getting a woman to do whatever she wants to? Further than posing a  list of actions that qualify as politically correct, where female nudity under a male gaze is definitely not part of, feminism should allow women to choose. That’s what we think.

In the end, Clarke has charged for all those scenes and celebrated them by saying she has no regrets. In Clarke’s words, sex can’t be explained, sometimes it has to be represented. What Emilia Clarke can’t stand about her sex scenes, is when they’re taken out of context out there on the internet as xxx videos, when they are way more than that.  

How to stay critical of sex scenes?

As we mentioned before, it’s important to develop a critical & sensitive view of sex representations in movies & T.V. shows. The truth is sexuality is an inherent part of our lives, but also, one of the most powerful mechanisms of control. For this reason, we should make an effort to understand what’s going on without depriving ourselves of enjoying a good TV show.

The first thing we need to consider is the show’s purpose by presenting a sex scene, which is possibly not the same as a scene of this kind in a cult movie. Sex sells, that’s a fact, and also the reason why all current shows include so many scenes with explicit content. What comes next is understanding what’s being represented in those sex scenes, straight hegemonic sex. 

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