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Florida man continues to do mind boggling things. Discover how the internet continues to showcase these shenanigans through top tier memes.

Florida Man is still crazy: The best memes from 2020

The internet’s fascination with Florida Man is well documented from the memes that he generates. If American Gods were a thing IRL, then we would probably have Florida Man as the god of WTF moments from the state that seems to produce the weirdest of news. While sometimes we wish we could pull a Bugs Bunny and just cut the state off, we just don’t know how to quit you, Florida Man.

With that we’re looking into the year that never ended 2020 to find the best memes of Florida Man. After all, we needed Florida Man through those long days and endless hours in quarantine. Even if the rest of Florida didn’t seem to get the memo about needing to social distance by filling up the beach.

Florida Man Hospitalized After Iguana Runs Into Bike Causing Crash

You know, there are a lot of things that you have to worry about while driving or biking. An Iguana is definitely a new one though? It’s very you, Florida man.

Florida Man Pulls Gun, Makes Death Threat In Mask Argument In Walmart

Okay, people who don’t wear masks. Why do you gotta pull a guy on people who ask you to put masks on because there’s a global pandemic and we all don’t want COVID? Why do you gotta bring a gun to this? 

Florida Man Wanted By Police Arrested After Streaming Live Video Of Himself On Social Media

It’s amazing that the more technology seems to advanced, the stupier criminals seem to get. 

Alleged Home Burglar Shot, Said He Was Being Chased by Dinosaurs: Police

Was it bath salts? It was probably bath salts that made this burglar think a dinosaur was chasing him. Florida Man and bath salts are like PB&J in these stories. 

Florida Man Fights Fellow Liquor Store Shopper Who Didn’t Say Thank You: Deputies

Politeness is a good thing to have. It kind makes the point less valid when you fight someone for not being polite though.

Man Leads Federal, Local Authorities on Jet Ski Chase in Miami

We couldn’t have been less surprised even if we tried, and believe us we’re trying. At least someone got a cell phone video of it. 

Florida Man Caught With Stolen Utility Pole Strapped to Car: FHP

So the 71-year-old Florida Man decided to take the downed utility pole to a…recycling center? Don’t think the recycling center would pay for that, bro, but the hustle is admirable.

Florida man accused of threatening grocery store employees with ax after being told to wear a mask

Seriously dude, the employees are just following store policy by asking you to wear a mask. Don’t threaten them!

Driver damages parked cars after hopping curb in Citrus County

How much air did that car get?!?!

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