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It seems like the Sunshine State has the weirdest crimes about intense wildlife and drugged individuals. Come and check the best Florida Man headlines.

Sometimes, great things just come to us, and today, we found the best Florida Man headline ever! Be amazed at this Florida Man's mad wildlife skills!

The Florida Man strikes again! But this time, it's his son that pays the price. Investigate how Sunday dinner ended with a ten year old shot in Florida!

Florida Man is doing his best to keep cheering us up in 2020. Florida men everywhere are stepping up to the challenge with these ridiculous stories.

Florida’s colorful internet reputation i.e. “Florida Man” phenomena has created quite the stir. Here's the best Florida man and woman mugshots.

Oh, Florida Man, why must you waste law enforcement’s time? Here are our favorite Florida Man memes: crime edition.

Florida Man headlines are as mindbogging as they are hilarious. How does someone manage to commit such strange crimes? Either way, we're laughing.

What’s truly wild is a large number of the stories involve nude Florida men. Here are the craziest Florida Man memes: naked edition.

In these uncertain times, we should all try to be a little more like Florida Man or Woman. Here's the best Florida Man memes ever!