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Oh, Florida Man, why must you waste law enforcement’s time? Here are our favorite Florida Man memes: crime edition.

The most amazing Florida Man memes: Crime edition

Oh, Florida Man, why must you waste law enforcement’s time? Then again, maybe some policemen and women appreciate the laugh after a long day on patrol. Many a Florida Man have crossed the threshold of Florida holding cells. Some have committed minor crimes. Some have committed horrendous ones. The one thing they have in common: they’re all dinguses. 

You want ridiculous criminal Florida Men and we’ve got them. 

Here they are! 

Some people have no respect 

Since when have vampires become dance fiends? The explanation of this one must be a hoot. 

Did we mention no respect? 

Maybe avoid the people you’re impersonating . . .

Crossing state lines

Dang, this Florida homey went all the way to New York to spread the laughter. 

Leave 9-1-1 alone 

Wow. So rude, guys. He was trying to report a theft. 

Talk about proactive 

Look at this good citizen, all looking out for society ‘n junk. 

Good future employee

So, did he get the job? 


Okay, this wasn’t a crime, but it should have been. 

Crime On Crime 

Hey, did this guy meet up with the DUI guy? 

Ever the Optimist 

Someone did his positive affirmations this morning. 


Where’s that verse in the Bible?

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    May 14, 2020

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