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The Florida Man strikes again! But this time, it's his son that pays the price. Investigate how Sunday dinner ended with a ten year old shot in Florida!

Florida’s colorful internet reputation i.e. “Florida Man” phenomena has created quite the stir. Here's the best Florida man and woman mugshots.

Oh, Florida Man, why must you waste law enforcement’s time? Here are our favorite Florida Man memes: crime edition.

Florida Man headlines are as mindbogging as they are hilarious. How does someone manage to commit such strange crimes? Either way, we're laughing.

What’s truly wild is a large number of the stories involve nude Florida men. Here are the craziest Florida Man memes: naked edition.

Gone are Florida’s glory days being famous for spring break & Disney World. Here are a few of the most outrageous Florida Man memes.

Ah, Florida Man! With endless headlines about his antics, we have endless memes to cringe at. Roar with laughter at these stories from the Sunshine State.

When you think of an old man screaming "Get off my lawn!", you definitely think of Florida Man. Take a look at these headlines all about trespassing.

Florida always manages to produce the most outrageous people. Here are some of the most shocking headlines of 2020.