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Gone are Florida’s glory days being famous for spring break & Disney World. Here are a few of the most outrageous Florida Man memes.

Here are the most outrageous Florida Man memes ever

Gone are Florida’s glory days being famous for spring break & Disney World. Floridians can’t stop getting arrested for the most outrageous antics in the country. A highly diverse populace coupled with frenetic drug use makes wreaking havoc an easy pastime for America’s Wang’s residents.

From his tattooed face & matted, filthy hair to his drug-induced psychosis, Florida Man is the gift that just keeps on giving. There are thousands of memes in their honor, but here are a few of the most outrageous.

911, what’s your emergency?

If a lady from Utah can call 911 for formula, this guy should get a pass.


“Guns. Lots of guns.”

We can totally see the family resemblance.

The birds & the bees

You can bet this lesson didn’t start with “When a mommy and a daddy love each other very much . . .”

Traffic jam

Can you imagine poor people driving convertibles? How much does detailing fecal matter out of leather cost?

What the Flakka?

If Thor & Post Malone had a drugged-out baby, it would be this guy. Side note: having sexual feelings for trees is called “dendrophilia”. You’re welcome.

Dog days of eternity 

Is this guy really that bad, though?

You have the right to remain silent.

His logic is sound.

Drop Dead Fred

We honestly feel so bad for this guy. He looks devastated. 

Is that a snake in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

This man has balls.

Friends in extremely low places

This man clearly has superb critical thinking skills; he got exactly what he wanted. Who are we to judge?

Piece de resistance

This one’s fake – sorry if it’s deflating.

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