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March 2020. A month that felt like its own decade. Relax and laugh at some of our favorite Florida Man memes.

Strange March ’20: The best Florida Man memes to describe it

March 2020. A month that felt like its own decade. Case in point: Parasite won best picture at the Oscars in February of this year. Forgot that happened, didn’t you? 

Well, with the world turned on its head thanks to Coronavirus, it’s no surprise that feels like 10 years ago. B.C. is about to stand for Before Coronavirus at this point, because that feels like an entirely different world. But don’t worry, the new post-Corona world will still have our favorite idiots in it. 

Florida Man, even with the virus going on, is being dumb and brainless as usual. There’s some consistency in this world, and stupid people is it. So to represent March 2020, we’re pulling current and past Florida Man headlines to represent how we feel. 

Beating our family/friends/roommates

Maybe there’s some legitimate reasoning behind the post-quarantine divorce rate being so high in China. 

Looking for any kind of work

While theft isn’t our specialty, we get the desperation for needing some kind of part-time work to get through all this. 

Let me see my friends!

Not being able to get happy hour drinks with friends is such a struggle. 

Canned food is essential

We always made fun of the canned fish and Spam eaters before, but now we are them.

A little too much daytime drinking

The beer wasn’t stolen, you just drank the last half of the case before noon my friend. 

Replace cigarette with not having a mask and we get it

Seriously, wear a mask. You don’t know who in the store has it.

Essential workers get it bad

Doctors and nurses are getting appreciated, but those in the stores still open deserve some credit too. 

Coronavirus cures!

Who needs actual medicine when you can cure coronavirus with herbs and Jesus?

Breathing is going to be the next symptom

Seriously, half the symptoms of Coronavirus are the same as seasonal allergies. It’s impossible to tell the difference. 

Being in charge

If you want quarantine to end peacefully, don’t attack those you’re stuck with. This is not the time to be burning bridges.

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