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Sometimes, great things just come to us, and today, we found the best Florida Man headline ever! Be amazed at this Florida Man's mad wildlife skills!

Is this the best Florida Man headline from 2021?

In an age where nearly every news publication is vying for our precious attention, headlines are a crucial way of hooking readers. While many of us have the ability to filter through the information overload and decide which stories matter, any headline that contains the words “Florida man” is bound to get tons of internet traffic.

Thus, the best Florida man headline of the day, week, or month, often circulates around the internet like wildfire, repeated over & over again ad mausoleum. Do we get tired of them? Of course not! 

That said, slather on that sunscreen and prepare for the madness of Florida Man headlines! But first, a little backstory . . . 

Infamous “Florida Man”

The phrase “Florida Man” has become a cliche to describe individuals from the Sunshine State who end up going viral for doing something dangerous or questionable. Long story short, Florida Man becoming a proverbial headline comes from Florida’s laws about reporting after arrests are made. Per CNN, thanks to these loose laws, if an arrest in Florida is especially wacky, it becomes an instant headline. 

Thus, Floridians can’t ignore that they’ve become the punchline of many jokes around the United States. Comedian & actor Patton Oswalt once described Florida in a stand-up special as a “Southern scrotum”. Despite all of the laughs had at Florida’s expense, the joking seems to have done nothing to keep Florida Man from being a headline. 

Every day, sometimes every hour, it seems like there’s a new headline on the web about a Florida man doing something outlandish. You can see for yourself. Type Florida Man into your browser and you’ll find the best, most ludicrous tales spanning from Miami to Tallahassee. 

In 2021, there has been no shortage of wild reports chronicling the life and times of Florida Man, Florida Woman, or Florida Person. Oftentimes, a search of the phrase will bring up results to make your skin crawl. 

Recent headlines include “Florida man accused of killing and burying girlfriend,” or “Florida man allegedly hijacks a FedEx truck in violent afternoon crime spree.” However, one recent story involving a Florida man will make you shake your head and will leave you with your mouth agape. 

Florida Man wrangles alligator using trash can

In a video that has been circling around the internet over the last few days, a Florida man approaches an alligator on a front lawn, armed with nothing more than a trash can. The man creeps towards the animal stoically as it hisses at him, causing bystanders to laugh nervously. The Florida man is not phased, and he backs the reptile down as it shows it’s deadly jaws to him.

The Florida man then corrals the alligator onto the driveway and asks those videotaping him to “let him know when the head goes inside”. The hissing beast continues to backpedal away from the open wastebasket as the excitement from the nearby crowd grows. The man slams the lid down, yet it appears to be too early. The gator starts to thrash around, whipping its tail back and forth atop the concrete.

Despite the power of the alligator, the Florida man doesn’t give up. As onlookers shout in a mixture of excitement & terror, the man wrangles the reptile into the trash bin. In an incredible feat of strength & control, Florida Man closes the lid, lifts the trash can up, and pushes it towards the street as effortlessly as one would on trash day.

The gator pushes against the lid as Florida Man calmly takes the animal over to a nearby pond to release it back into its natural habitat. The alligator leaves the bin and scurries into the underbrush unharmed. The Florida man collects the trash can and lives to tell the tale. 

Best Florida Man headline of the year?

In a world where we’re bombarded with fear & outrage journalism, it’s refreshing to see a remarkable story where a human deals with a deadly animal calmly & humanely. 

Our unlikely hero in this tale is this particular Florida Man, whose alligator-wrangling skills rival those of the late Steve Irwin. At this rate of viral fame, this Florida man may become a superhero in his own right. Unlike Captain America, he is not armed with a shield, but a trash can.

What’s the best Florida Man headline you’ve ever read? Share it with us in the comments! 

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