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Jason Mendoza of 'The Good Place' has clearly proven himself as the ultimate fictional Florida Man. But can you tell his quotes apart from real Florida Men?

Florida Man, an elusive creature we're not sure we'll ever understand. But we're going to laugh our butts off at these Florida Man memes anyway.

Florida Man is a different kind of animal, just like how Florida alligators are a different kind of alligator. But when the two collide, who wins?

We all love a good Florida Man meme, but there's a lot of good that Florida Man has done. These memes are here to change the conversation.

Florida Man is truly as exotic as unicorns and Bigfoot, except he's real and usually from Jacksonville. Take our quiz and see if you can match the headline.

It’s time to see how the Florida man kicked off the decade and how he is dealing with quarantine with these true headlines from 2020.

Florida Man headlines are as mindbogging as they are hilarious. How does someone manage to commit such strange crimes? Either way, we're laughing.