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Sick of all the Florida Man headlines? Behold! The crazy Florida Woman. Here are the greatest Florida Woman headlines.

Step aside Florida Man: All the best Florida Woman headlines

Over the years we have witnessed the evolution of Florida Man to the meme god he is today. Yet we have overlooked the greatest contender for the throne, possibly one more powerful & more outrageous: the mighty Florida Woman.

Yes, Florida Woman has been kept silent too long as she broods in Walmart parking lots and drunkenly berates the staff at Arby’s. Her disorderly deeds have been great indeed and so now we present them to you and you can decide which contender rules supreme. Behold! The greatest Florida Woman headlines.

She won’t take it lying down

Florida woman will ruin you for getting her wrong flavor of Mountain Dew from the gas station so you better be on your best behavior.

A resourceful queen 

A worm can be as tasty as a taquito if you have the right attitude. 

Also a multitasker

She was simply performing the mating ritual of her people. 

Living large

Honestly, that just sounds like a good time. 

It’s science bitch

Don’t argue with Florida Woman about science. One time she watched a documentary on how twinkies were made. 

Taking it to the next level

Florida Woman doesn’t argue with you about chicken nuggets anymore she just messes you up with them. 

Gettin’ jiggy with it

Can a Florida Woman not “drop it like it’s hot” on a vehicle anymore?!

Let’s not do anything rash

Any eye for an eye makes the whole world . . . sterile. 

Do your part 

Charity thy name is Florida Woman.

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    May 20, 2021

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