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Join Jamie Lee Curtis on the poignant journey of James Foley, from innocent boyhood to tragic end. Riveting, heart-wrenching, and heroically real - it's a tribute you won't forget.

Here’s how Jamie Lee Curtis is paying tribute to slain James Foley

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Voice of a tormented mother

The audacious Jamie Lee Curtis, that Scream Queen with a heart of gold, is gearing up to play a different kind of heroine, narrating American Mother. Far from the macabre delights of Halloween, this audiobook tells the heart-wrenching tale of James Foley, an audacious journalist whose pursuit of truth cost him his life.

Wrapped in the comfort of Curtis’s lilting tones, we’ll get a glimpse into James’s journey – an all too brief dance on this mortal coil. From whimsical childhood memories to the terror-laden corridors of war-torn Syria, it’s set to be a sobering swig of reality. A tale punctuated by the kind of wickedness that would make even Michael Myers’ icy blood run cold.

The unflinchingly tragic narrative of Diane Foley’s plight is expected to tug your heartstrings like a Victorian melodrama, but with an unnerving layer of realism as potent as a shot of straight whiskey. But beyond the pain, Curtis’s narration promises a tribute as elegant as any period drama – raw, resonant and ruthily poignant. Forgive us for throwing shade on our usual sunny disposition, but this bleak tale of loss and legacy ain’t your typical reality TV spectacle. Stand by for the hairs on the back of your neck to do a standing ovation, darling readers. So wrap your ears around American Mother when it hits the airwaves this spring. As you bear witness to the brave tale of James Foley, let the sobering notes serve as a toast to the intrepid souls who risk it all in the name of truth.

Intribute at Etruscan Press

Jamie Lee Curtis, our beloved Halloween scream queen, is donning a new cloak of bravado, swapping the horrific thriller for a real-life tragedy. Curtis has been tapped, my dears, to narrate American Mother, a soul-stirring account of the lion-hearted James Foley, authored virtuously by his mother, Diane, and Colum McCann.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill thriller that gets your heart racing – rather, it chills you to the marrow, reminding you of the horrifyingly real monstrosities that haunt the world stage. The narrative unfurls the life tapestry of James Foley, who risked his existence in the terrifying labyrinth of Syria, only to face a fate that echoes chilling Dickensian annals, all in relentless pursuit of truth.

Curtis’ voice promises to ring with a truthful resonance, serving not just as an ode to the unquenchable spirit of journalists like Foley, but also as a sobering reminder of the price of truth. As Curtis navigates us through Foley’s life—his childhood swaddled in innocence, his transition into dedicated journalism, and his visceral end—we will find ourselves oscillating rhythmically between moments of sheer heartache and profound admiration. This gritty tribute is set to drop this spring, fellow truth-seekers. So lean in, pour yourself a cup of this tragic tea, and let’s toast to the fearless souls who dared, like our dear James Foley, to venture into the darkest corners of our world. And remember, in tribute, there is power.

Screen queen honors truth seeker

Sashaying into the realm of audiobooks, the incomparable Jamie Lee Curtis prepares to honor the life of the martyr to truth, James Foley, by narrating American Mother. The Scream Queen is trading the horror of Haddonfield for a poignant tribute to the indomitable spirit of a life tragically extinguished, echoing the devotion of a tormented mother played out in literary prose.

Trading the camp for authentic anguish, Curtis breathes life into Diane Foley’s words, painting the portrait of James’s transformation from an innocent boyhood to a daring journalist who danced with danger and consequence in restless pursuit of truth. While no strangers to suspense, Curtis and the audience embark on a heart-wrenching journey fueled by a disquieting reality far removed from the silver screen’s make-believe barbarity.

Honoring James Foley with her emotive narration, Curtis amplifies the narrative zest of Colum McCann and Diane Foley’s prose. The melancholic melody of her voice is set to grace our ears and pierce our hearts this spring. Expect no campy one-liners or Hollywood glamour here. This magnum opus sings an ode to the real heroes – the truth seekers, daring hearts, and restless spirits who brave the odds. So prepare your earbuds, dear readers: because, unlike any episodic melodrama or faux-reality, this tale of endurance, loss, and legacy will reverberate long after the final word is spoken.

An ode with audio

As the curtains close on this literary exploration, guided by the dulcet tones of Jamie Lee Curtis, we’re reminded of the gritty reality that lies beyond our binge-watching and fan-squeeing haven. As we delve into the life and demise of James Foley, American Mother underscores not just the price of truth but its absolute necessity in a world that often seems at odds with it. Stripped of the hyperbolic drama and Hollywood shine, this upcoming tribute instills the somber reminder that life, like a Shakespearean tragedy, can be brutal, unforgiving, yet astoundingly heroic. It’s no campy slasher sequel or aesthetically appealing period drama. It’s the raw, unrehearsed theater of life. As Curtis so poignantly narrates Foley’s life, the line between the reel and the real blurs, turning our focus back to the true warriors who brave the world’s darkest alleys and stake their lives for the lesser-known narratives. So, come spring, spare a listen for American Mother and raise a toast to the lionhearted truth-seekers, the real stars, like James Foley, of our world’s chillingly gripping drama. Now, isn’t that some potent tea, darlings?

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