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Fans were crushed when it was announced that 'Sanditon' was canceled. Check out these marvelous scenes that were cut from 'Sanditon'.

‘Sanditon’ deleted scenes: All the hottest clips cut from the show

Sanditon, the new adaptation of Jane Austen’s unfinished novel of the same name, is PBS Masterpiece’s hottest new series. Sanditon is teeming with Austen’s untamed brilliance – an outspoken, middle class protagonist is whisked away by wealthy friends to a seaside town. The passionate romances, devious ploys for money, & deep betrayals that ensue make the show incredibly immersive & addictive.      

Fans were crushed when it was announced that Sanditon was canceled – our dreams of seeing Jane Austen’s story find a proper ending dismally unrequited. Though it’s possible for Sanditon to be picked back up, there is no sign that it will be yet. 

Just when we were running out of hope, Sanditon’s Twitter page recently dropped a bountiful collection of exciting deleted scenes, along with the message:

“To all our #sanditonsisters and #sanditonbrothers, we wanted to give you something in return for all the love you’ve shown #Sanditon so will be sharing NEVER BEFORE SEEN clips as part of a #celebratingsanditon series!”

These clips are an absolute gift. A few of them even answer some of our desperate questions after the cliffhanger ending. Check out these marvelous scenes that were cut from Sanditon.  

Sanditon – Montage Cut Scene

This fun montage sheds more light on Charlotte’s life in the country, showing her exploring, playing games with her family, and lying in an idyllic meadow reading. It’s wonderful to see Charlotte in her element – we couldn’t picture her sweet home any other way.  

Charlotte & Mary – Denham Place

In this delightful clip we get to see more of Mary – Sanditon’s most underrepresented characters. Charlotte & Mary survey the regal Denham Place, noticing how egotistical Sir Denham was with his giant portrait overshadowing the original owner’s portrait. Their acute comments show just how comfortable they are together – it’s so sweet!  

Charlotte & Sidney Street Scene

Okay, not only is this scene amazing because we get to see more instances of the budding, yet shy romance of Sidney & Charlotte – we also get to see Charlotte actually walking with Clara. Though we see these two share scenes in the beginning, their relationship is neglected – we need more! 

Mrs. Griffiths & Reverend Hankins

Ah, yes – more of the silly orthodox folk. Watching Miss Lambe rebel against their boring, basic ways couldn’t be so fun without them. Not to mention, Mrs. Griffiths is thirsty. Look at how she fawns over Reverend Hankins. If only they would deviate from their boring customs and give us more scandal.  

Sidney & Eliza

Who can we love to hate more than Eliza? The woman who shattered all of our hopes & dreams by coming between Charlotte & Sydney. Look at how manipulative & snooty she is. This scene is just more evidence of how she represents all the worst parts of Sydney. Go away Eliza! 

Mary & Young Stringer

Again, we get to see more of Mary being wonderful as she talks to the handsome Young Stringer. He has the most adorable crush on Charlotte – honestly after the finale of Sanditon, who isn’t leaning towards Team Stringer? 

Clara Brereton & Mr. Crowe

Everyone was wondering about Clara and what her future would look like as she fleas Sanditon. Now we get some answers! Likely feeling isolated with one friend getting married and the other going rather mad, Mr. Crowe is a delightful pairing with Clara. Please give us a season 2 so we can see more unfold between them. 

Miss Lambe Letter

The last we saw of Georgiana’s relationship with Otis, she gave him the cold shoulder and he departed – we had no idea what was left in store for them. The finale left us hanging but now we have more answers. Otis is off to war and is still in love with Georgiana. But how will she respond? What is she feeling? We must know!

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  • We adore all of these clips from RPP and are hoping and fighting for another season with everything we’ve got! #SaveSanditon #Sanditon #SanditonPBS.

    June 11, 2020
  • Excellent review of the deleted scenes. We are hoping for Season 2.

    June 13, 2020
  • So many open-ended story lines…please, please, please bring back Sanditon!

    June 26, 2020
  • Please continue season 2..We need a beautiful ending for Sidney and Charlotte. Love all the characters that are in the Sanditon series. Thank you for sharing the deleted scenes. Telling more of the story.

    August 15, 2020
  • I don’t have Twitter or else I’d add my hopes for a second season!! Please please please!! And while we’re at it Beecham House needs a second season too!!

    March 13, 2021

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