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Have a little spending money? Check out the flying car of the future

The cars of the future are here! It’s time to ditch that old RV and get ready for the trip of a lifetime. If you thought Ron Weasley’s flying car in Harry Potter was cool, wait till you see GM & Cadillac’s latest flying car.

Thanks to COVID-19, the annual CES (Consumer Technology Association) was virtually available for tech enthusiasts. The expo is usually held in Las Vegas with thousands of exhibitors ready for the next pricey gadget. BBC reported the electronic conglomerate Microsoft was the host of the event as a “central hub” for companies like Samsung, Sony, LG, and Panasonic.

The CES presented a range of fresh products like bigger TVs, vacuum cleaners that never have to be cleaned, and classy PC monitors for our new virtual reality. The expo also included exhilarating speeches from Google, Twitter, and Amazon leaders.

As in years past, the CES produced thrilling content. In 2020, Sony wanted to fly across the country with their Mercedes-Benz world concept vehicle, and Hyundai & Uber with a flying taxi, but we can’t help but get excited by Cadillac’s latest aircraft. Here’s everything you need to know about the car of our dreams.

Flying to the future

On Tuesday, GM’s (General Motors) company Cadillac released their flying car of the future at 2021’s CES. According to Robb Report, Cadillac demonstrated two cars, their PAV which is an “autonomous, van-like vehicle” and their evolutionary electric aircraft, the eVTOL.

Though GM & Cadillac haven’t called a production date, they told CES exhibitors & fans where they’re willing to invest. According to Robb Report, the new range of transportation will likely “blur the line between car and plane” to cut down the large urban ground congestion. Are you picturing every science fiction film, ever?

How does the Cadillac work?

The PAV (personal autonomous vehicle) is the perfect car for your entire family or group of friends. According to Car & Driver, the Cadillac will have the most luxurious seats with biometric sensors for the perfect temperature, humidity, aromatherapy, and lighting. There are also no windows, but a glass roof to enjoy the sky’s view. Did someone order a flying party bus? 

Cadillac’s PAV won’t let you forget the experience with an installed camera to take photos of every moment. Since there’s no driver, passengers will need to use hand gestures or voice control to get to their desired destination.


CNET described GM’s other vehicle, the eVTOL (electric vertical take-off & landing aircraft) as a form of “aerial mobility” similar to a flying motorbike, but powered by a 90-kWh battery to travel up to 56mph. The flying drone also offers luxury with it’s unbelievable convenience & size.

GM’s vice president of global design Michael Simcoe explained to CES’s exhibitors: “You’ve been at the office and now you need to get to a meeting across town. The eVTOL meets you on the roof and drops you at the closest dedicated port closest to your destination.” 

According to The Daily Mail, Michael Simcoe stated: “It’s (The eVTOL) a concept for a moment when time is of essence and convenience is everything.” Simcoe moved swiftly on to the Cadillac PAV and showcased the features of the mini aircraft.

Per The Daily Mail, after Michael Simcoe presented the Cadillac’s PAV & eVTOL, GM’s stock reached a new record by nearly nine percent to approximately $48.95 per share. The General Motors company is currently at a market volume of $70 billion and hopes to only increase it when their latest cars go into production.

Though the Cadillac’s PAV & the eVTOL aren’t for sale just yet, we can definitely start saving. Are you ready for a world of flying limos? Let us know in the comments below.

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