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Amazon is now certified to deliver packages by drone. What will Amazon’s drone system look like – and what does this advancement mean for the economy?

Was there a real UFO found in the Congo? Delve into the UFO that allegedly landed in a Congolese province and the official explanation.

As recently as November, the app TikTok was keeping stock of their users by using illegal tracking information on all their users.

Can TikTok survive in the U.S.? Only if a company buys them in the next 45 days; which company might be able to do this in time?

If you’re bored out of your mind playing solitaire online, here's the best games on Google to entertain you during quarantine.

The newest addition to the video search engine game is Petey Vid. Here's a comparison between Google Video Search and Petey Vid.

When a mysterious website purporting to be the UK & Europe’s answer to the service popped up last week, a similar flurry of discussions opened up. Called cPass,

Today we’re looking at the smaller players in virtual reality who are currently crowdfunding to launch exciting and innovative VR projects. The future is now, and these guys