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To grow your business online, follow a simple mantra- stay updated, stay relevant and maintain quality!

Biggest SEO Challenges Businesses Faced in 2022

SEO is an excellent link building service that can upscale your business considerably. But hardly companies take steps to build a great SEO plan to turn things in their favor. Why so? Because they undermine the importance of search engine optimization techniques. You can take professional advice at SEO services Canada if it sounds confusing.

Businesses understand the importance of employing SEO strategies, yet they miss out on crucial points. Due to a lack of awareness and proper technique, many companies fail even before they begin fully. Yes, SEO is not an easy subject and is bound to give headaches initially; but its inclusion is critical to bring traffic to your website. And as you know, without traffic, there is no business online!

However, things don’t turn out as smoothly as they may seem. 

SEO Challenges Businesses Face

Ups and downs are part of your business life, but things become awry when the business never experiences positive growth. Here are a few challenges that can ruin your existing business SEO strategy and why you should update it quickly.

Changing Algorithms

If there is any ultimate heartbreaker in SEO strategy, it is continuous updates in the algorithm designs. While you can not control the SEO updates, you can definitely revamp the current strategy and leverage the change.

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Ignoring competition

On digital platforms, your competition grows exponentially high. You can not beat all your competitors in a go, but learning what good they’re doing may act to your benefit. So, again stay updated and understand the market trends. As an owner, you should always be on the lookout for potential strategies that can bring you more customers.

Keyword Cannibalization

In marketing, cannibalization refers to the reduction in sales of one product when the company decides to launch another. The same applies to SEO when you use the exact keywords on your website. You are unknowingly promoting competition between your web pages for the same keyword. Therefore, use a keyword tracking tool to track and limit the usage of the exact keywords over and over many web pages.

Duplicate content

Though it sounds complex, here’s what it means– using the same meta descriptions for the same products on different platforms. For example, if you have listed your product on eBay and Shopify with the same meta descriptions– the algorithm will mark it as duplicate and completely discard it. Therefore, write separate descriptions for all platforms, even if the product is the same. You can use the Duplicate Checker by Sitechecker to check for duplicate content on your website. This tool will help you detect all duplicate content and provide a list of tips to fix this issue.


Algorithms prioritize relevant content, functionality, and responsiveness of a web design. Here’s an example– suppose Y visits your website and is interested in buying the product Z your company sells; however, the extra load time makes your potential customer lose interest. As a result, your customer is now buying a similar product from your competitor’s website. Why? Because your competitor built a website that is both responsive and functional, giving priority to user experience. If it sounds too overwhelming, fret not and search Kelowna web design company now for professional support.


To grow your business online, follow a simple mantra- stay updated, stay relevant and maintain quality!

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