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Almost any classic Hollywood movie follows the Hero’s Journey: a 12-step monomyth concept from Joseph Campbell's 1949 book 'A Hero With A Thousand Faces'.

It should come as no surprise that Hollywood loves novelization. Writers are changing the way they approach the development of a story.

Take a trip beyond the confines of your living room or local theater and spend a night in famous places you thought you could only visit on screen.

To mark the release of 'Fantastic Beasts' and the Wizarding World Week, we thought we’d look back at all the times 'Harry Potter' proved itself to be a

Here are some of the best summer blockbusters from the last ten years. We have a feeling you’ll recognize one or two.

There’s a lot of bad franchises out there right now that aren’t doing the best job of maintaining a legacy. Here are ten of the worst recent movie

The British summer has arrived and the season of open air cinematic events opens with 'The Greatest Showman' rolling into town – literally. This summer, anywhere with a

London’s Twickenham Studios has announced it’s teaming up with property developer Capital & Centric to launch Littlewood Studios – a new film and TV hub in the northern

When one considers the most famous movie franchise in history, 'Star Wars' is most assuredly up there on the list. The film saga from George Lucas, which now