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Do you think Scott Peterson deserves more trials? We're going to take a look at the whole case, including the possible misconduct. Join us now!

The Gabby Petito case continues to puzzle authorities. Unearth the story and see if Brian Laundrie went camping when Petito's body was found.

If Scott Peterson isn't innocent, why is he being resentenced? Dive into the theories, books, and documentaries that may have saved Peterson from Death Row.

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If you’re familiar with the Scott Peterson case, you know it’s been a long ordeal with many surprising twists and turns. What's happening in 2020?

Before there was Chris Watts there was Scott Peterson. Did Peterson murder his wife Laci? Everything you need to know about his court appeal.

The California Supreme Court overturned the death penalty sentence for Scott Peterson. Here's the latest update from the trial.

Laci Peterson was eight months pregnant when she disappeared. Here's everyting we know about the horrifying murder of Laci Peterson.