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What’s going on with 'The Staircase Murders' and do they have any connection to the Laci Peterson case? Explore both cases and new details with us!

‘The Staircase’ murders: Does this evidence prove Scott Peterson’s innocence?

No one wants to believe that our loved ones can harm us at all let alone commit some of the greatest atrocities against us. At the same time, though, we know bad people can linger anywhere at any time. And sometimes, even family members, friends, and spouses can turn out to be complete strangers. It’s scary to think about but it does happen to the best of us. Other times, people fall victim to false accusations. 

No one should be punished with years being taken away from them by being locked away for a crime they didn’t do. Murder is considered one of, if not the most horrific crime one could commit. Now, it’s one thing if the accused deserves it but suppose they don’t? Especially if it’s someone you know or care about, you’re going to do everything in your power to rectify the matter. 

Scott Peterson has been in the limelight for almost years now. He’s known as a convicted murderer currently incarcerated in San Quentin State Prison. In 2004, he was convicted of the first-degree murder of his pregnant wife, Laci Peterson, and the second-degree murder of their unborn son, Conner when he was living in Modesto, California. Many people believe he’s guilty and perhaps he is. But is he?

Now today in 2021, Scott Peterson’s sister-in-law is claiming new evidence proving his innocence. Is there any weight to this? And what’s going on with The Staircase Murders?

The Staircase Murders

In case you’ve never heard of or seen it, The Staircase Murders is a Lifetime movie directed by the screenwriter Tom McLoughlin and starring Samaire Armstrong, Treat Williams, and Kevin Pollack. It tells us the story of Michael Peterson, an American novelist who was convicted of killing his wife by beating her head in 2003. 

In the midst of the trial, it was discovered that many years prior, a friend of Michael’s, whose children he would later adopt, died under similar circumstances. In 2007, there was a third case of a man named Drew Peterson. When Drew’s fourth wife went missing, he was accused of killing her. 

We know what you’re thinking because we’re thinking the same: were any of these men related and if not, is it a Peterson thing? No, there is no evidence that any of the accused Petersons are related to one another. And there were no connections such as friendships or colleagues found between the men either. It’s interesting, isn’t it?

Scott Peterson

It’s easy to see why someone would bring up The Staircase Murders when discussing the Laci Peterson case. They’re very similar but these cases are still different, consisting of their own stories. Let us take a further look into Scott Peterson. Clearly, he’s in the news again as his case isn’t open and shut. But some people are still in need of a brief brush-up. 

Scott and Laci Peterson were in the midst of a quite commonly commemorated time 一 the birth of their first child. Their family was growing, lives were changing but who knows what was going on in their minds?

In December of 2002, Scott reported to police that his wife was missing. She was missing for four months. Then on April 13, 2003, a couple walking their dog found the decomposing body of a small baby. The baby was found in a marshy area of San Francisco Bay. The umbilical cord was still latched to the baby. Nylon tape was found on the baby’s neck and a big cut was on the fetus’ body. 

The next day, someone found the torso of a recently pregnant woman on the eastern shore of the bay. It was just one mile away from where the baby was found. The corpse was almost unrecognizable as a human body because the head, limbs, and even all the internal organs were missing. Only the uterus was present. 

On November 12, 2004, the jury convicted Peterson of two accounts of murder. Scott was sentenced to death but that was overturned. 

New Evidence

Yes, Scott’s sister-in-law is saying that new evidence will prove his innocence. Scott is aiming for a new trial. Janey is speaking out about her belief that Scott did not in fact kill his wife and son. Just last year, the Supreme Court reversed Scott’s death sentence but that was due to the alleged problems regarding jury selection, while upholding his 2004 conviction. 

He’s been on death row since 2005 and maintains his innocence. Scott’s brother Joe told NBC’s Today Show, “There’s evidence that was completely ignored that shows Laci was alive after he left for the day.” During the trial, the defense raised the theory that on the morning Laci went missing, she confronted men who were robbing her house. 

Surely, the men denied involvement in the case and were cleared by a police investigation. But the sister-in-law Janey believes those men did kill Laci. She says they framed Scott by disposing of her body in an area where they knew Scott went fishing. 

A woman named Amber Frey admitted to having an affair with Scott before Laci’s death. She testified she was unaware of Scott’s marriage, claiming he told her his wife was dead. Janey, however, told Today, “There’s nothing I can say to justify or explain that statement. But also, there was no evidence that he had anything to do with what happened to Laci.”

If you’re interested in The Staircase Murders, you may want to read about Scott and Laci Peterson. Did Scott really tell Amber his wife was dead when Laci was still alive? Do you think Scott could really be innocent? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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