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Looking to listen to anything but the top 40? You’re in luck! Here’s some of the most underrated true crime podcasts we could find.

The underrated true crime podcasts you need to stream ASAP

Looking to listen to anything but the top 40? You’re in luck! With Spotify & other platforms available, we’ve got a range of true crime podcasts just waiting for you to fear your neighbor, ghosts, and more. Here’s some of the most underrated yet thrilling podcasts we could find. 

Tom Brown’s Body

Tom Brown’s Body just sounds like a great murder mystery. The podcast is about a sixteen-year-old who goes missing the day before Thanksgiving. After that terrible night, everyone in a remote town in Texas reflects on that time every Thanksgiving. 

The mysterious story takes place two years later when they suddenly find Tom Brown’s body. But what actually happened to Tom? And why did it take the town two years? Luckily with Skip Hollandsworth’s captivating storytelling, we soon discover that nobody in the town is safe.

And That’s Why We Drink

If you’re looking for a reason to enjoy a glass of red wine, this true crime podcast might be the one for you. It focuses on uncovering the biggest mystery of them all – the paranormal!

Created by Christine Schiefer & Em Shulz, we dive into the world of murders & paranormal madness. And no, this podcast isn’t like those scary movies you think are real, this podcast actually follows the debate between two friends surrounding true crime cases of unworldly activity. After this podcast, you’ll need that drink!

Slow Burn 

True crime podcasts don’t always have to focus on the mundane. In fact, Slow Burn focuses on political cases that America may have forgotten about. Don’t worry, with journalist & host Leon Neyfakh, you’ll go on a journey to discover who was behind all these mysteries. 

The Orange Tree

The Orange Tree co-produced & hosted by Haley Butler & Tinu Thomas, focuses on the disappearance of a twenty-one-year-old whose body was soon found at (you guessed it) an “orange tree”. The podcast unpacks the story of Jennifer Cave who was once just an ordinary student trying to chase her dreams. 

Thanks to executive producer Robert Quigley, the true crime podcast is spread over a couple episodes while the two University of Texas students (Butler & Thomas) explain the true crime mystery of the fallen Jennifer Cave in the most thrilling way. Check it out!


Who doesn’t like a good puzzle? Well, Brainwashed is a true crime podcast that dives deep into the biggest mind-blowing moments of the 1950s & 1960s. 

In fact, Michelle Shephard explains how these conspiracies many years ago were actually created from a lab? Who needs a mind stone, Thanos, did you know people’s minds could actually be controlled without some special crystal? 


If you want to learn everything there is about true crime – Morbidology is for you! With this podcast you get a taste of every type of true crime story you’ve been waiting for including the behind the scenes action. 

With Emily G. Thompson sharing 911 calls & testimonies, you can only imagine the juicy stories that she shares with her listeners. Let’s not forget those jaw-dropping interviews. You’ll be craving more!

Morning Cup of Murder

Who needs a cup of joe when you’ve got a Morning Cup of Murder! There’s nothing like a ten-minute podcast instead of your daily dosage of caffeine. Hosted by Korina Biemesderfer, the daily podcast gives you everything from background story, to the abduction, and even a cult! Don’t hate it till you try it. 

Rotten Mango

If you’re still easing into the true crime genre, but you enjoy spooky stories. Then you’ll love Stephanie Soo’s podcast on Spotify. This American podcast unpacks the darkest crimes alongside the psychology of murderers suitable for a young adult audience. 

Dr. Death

A patient’s worst nightmare! Dr. Death is a true crime podcast about a medical disaster. Hosted by Laura Beil, the podcast unpacks thirty-one cases by a raging Texas surgeon. Not only will this podcast scare you from every surgery & checkup, you might never trust a doctor again. So get listening! 

What do you love most about true crime podcasts? Let us know in the comments below. 

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