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The ringleaders for the NXIVM cult have already been tried and convicted. How long could the leaders be sentenced to jail for?

How long could leaders of the NXIVM cult go to jail for?

The ringleaders for the NXIVM cult have already been tried and convicted. Other members are awaiting trial with possible prison time attached to it. With Clare Bronfman’s sentencing date a week away along with other members such Allison Mack awaiting their own sentencing dates, here’s what kind of time has been given to the members of the NXIVM cult along with what others may get as well.

Cult leader Keith Raniere was found guilty in June 2019 on counts that included racketeering, sex trafficking, forced labor conspiracy, and other felony charges. He led the NXIVM group, which has been described as a “slavelike” pyramid scheme that forced members to have sex with Raniere. His sentencing date is in October, where he could face a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years. The max? Life. 

Given his behavior, which has been well-documented in both print media and HBO’s The Vow, a lot of people are hoping that he gets the life sentence. Many feel like it’s the least that can be done for the victims of his crimes. 

Clare Bronfman, as stated above, is set to be sentenced on Sept. 30, 2020. She, along with Allison Mack, have been under house arrest while awaiting sentencing. Due to COVID-19, it has been delayed. While Bronfman was given an option for a video-call sentencing hearing, she asked for an in-person one instead.

Bronfman took a plea deal with prosecutors. So she’s looking at less time than the other NXIVM members. The guideline for this plea deal says that Brofman could be sentenced from 21-27 months in prison. She has to accept the sentencing. If it exceeds 27 months, however, she’s able to appeal the decision. 

Bronfman pleaded guilty to one count of harboring an illegal alien for financial gain, and one count of fraudulent use of identification. Now the judge for her sentencing could decide to throw out the guidelines, which opens to her an appeal with her legal team. Should Judge Nicholas G Garaufis decide to sentence her normally, the max that Bronfman could get for the charges served consecutively is twenty-five years. 

Allison Mack, Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, and Kathy Russell also took plea deals in the NXIVM case. The charges that they pleaded to whereas follows racketeering (Mack), racketeering & racketeering conspiracy (L. Salzman), racketeering criminal conspiracy (N. Salzman), and visa fraud (Russell). Depending what happens at Brofman’s hearing? It could set the stage for what happens to the other plea deals.

Of course, all these could be appealed in prison. It just shows it depends on the judge whether or not a plea deal can be disregarded. Depending on the judge’s ruling along with the judges in the appeal court, it could go either well or badly depending on the situation that the defendants find themselves in.

Mack, in particular, should be placing close attention to Bronfman’s case. Many have alleged that she was Raniere’s second-in-command in NXIVM. The maximum that she can get under the charge she pled guilty to is forty years, so that’s a lot of time. So if the judge decides to ignore the guidelines, then that could spell a lot of trouble.

Be sure to keep an eye out on Sept. 30 because Bronfman’s sentencing could set the stage for the other sentences to follow.

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