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Keith Raniere is facing a possible life sentence for his crimes in the NXIVM cult. Does he feel remorse for what he did?

How was Lauren Salzman affected by her time in the NXIVM cult? Find out where she is today and if she's still loyal to NXIVM.

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People who follow NXIVM know that Canadian actress Sarah Edmondson escaped the cult. How did her husband help the escape?

Think you know everything about DOS, the sex cult in NXIVM? Delve into how HBO's 'The Vow' blows it wide open.

When will Lauren Salzman be sentenced for her crimes in NXIVM? Delve into what led to her arrest and discover what her life is like today.

Did you know the NXIVM cult had their own version of merit badges? Read about the scarves members could earn and how much they cost.

Now that courts are reopening, the leaders of the NXIVM cult are finally about the meet their fate. Find out how long everyone's going to jail for.