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Discover the truth about Tom Cruise's kids and their involvement in Scientology. Are they still ensnared? Get the inside scoop now.

Uncover the controversy surrounding Leslie Van Houten's jail release. Follow the Manson disciple's story and its shocking aftermath.

Delve into the real-life cult terrors of not Tom Cruise or Scientology, but of First Church of Christ Scientist.

Explore the shocking accusations surrounding the Church of Scientology. Uncover the truth behind their alleged abusive beliefs.

Let’s take a look at the NXIVM founder's Keith Raniere current legal situation. Are the cult leaders bankrolled & in jail?

NXIVM’s founder, Keith Raniere, saw Allison Mack's young age and naivety making her an easy target for his celebrity sex cult. Here's what we know.

Sex cults are everywhere and college isn't the exception. Here's everything you need to know about the Sarah Lawrence college sex cult.

Rumor has it, Tulsi Gabbard was raised in a cult. Besides her homophobic tendency, is this Hawaiian politician far more problematic than we thought?

Thirty-nine men and women, all dressed in identical clothing, were found dead due to suicide in 1997. Here's what to know about the Heaven's Gate cult.