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Just last year Keith Raniere, the leader of the “self-help” programme NXIVM, was convicted. Here's what we know about the strange case.

It's been years since the rise of the internet legend Slenderman, but we still remember the terrifying Slenderman stabbing that drew in two teenage girls.

Let's look at some cult leaders with the personality to influence thousands of followers. Here are the craziest cult leaders out there.

The Branch Davidians are an apocalyptic religious sect that broke off from the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Here's what we know about leader David Koresh.

If all you know is that the actress from Smallville was involved in a sex cult, then here’s what you need to know about the leader, Keith Raniere.

The core belief of the Manson Family was that a race war and Armageddon was imminent. Here's a look inside their home Spahn Ranch.

Several millionaires, French policemen, respected civil servants, doctors, and more were all a part of The Order of the Solar Temple. Here's what we know.

The Family International has undergone more name changes than most pop artists. Here's what we know about the cult.

Modern-day Breatharianism followers believe that they just need air and sunlight. Let's find out just how dangerous this "cult" can be.