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NXIVM survivor India Oxenberg is reclaiming her voice in Starz's 'Seduced". Here are all of the secrets unveiled in the new docuseries.

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Ex-NXIVM cult member India Oxenberg has opened up about the cult's horrific side. Here are some of the craziest stories she shared.

Why didn't therapists put an end to the NXIVM cult? Here’s why Keith Raniere banned therapists from all NXIVM events.

A new Starz series shares India Oxenberg's exclusive story on the NXIVM sex cult. Here’s a look into 'Seduced'.

HBO's 'The Vow' exposed secrets about the NXIVM cult even it's members didn't know about. Why were they so blind?

India Oxenberg has finally given an in-depth look into the NXIVM sex cult. Here's why she is speaking up about it now.