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Now that courts are reopening, the leaders of the NXIVM cult are finally about the meet their fate. Find out how long everyone's going to jail for.

If you thought you could finally stop hearing about NXIVM, think again, because HBO is premiering a true crime docuseries about the sex cult.

Dancers have been appearing outside of Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center which could be related to NXIVM. Here's what we know.

The NXIVM trials have already begun and ended. Here's what we know about the cult member's trials and sentencing.

NXIVM has become a notorious sex cult that preyed on young women. Here's everything we know about the cult member's trials.

NXIVM cult dancers perform among family and friends who are there to see loved ones outside the quarantined prison walls. Here's what we know.

Keith Raniere was a master manipulator and convinced many rich and powerful people that they needed to join NXIVM. Here's what we know.

Allison Mack would move on to do a few more things after 'Smallville' including joining NXIVM. Here's what we know about her descent into chaos.

Will the NXIVM trial ever come to an end? Will NXIVM’s victims seek justice from the trial? Let’s find out what's going on.