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Clare Bronfman was the “legal bulldog” of NXIVM. Bronfman's sentencing is around the corner and this is what you should know!

The ringleaders for the NXIVM cult have already been tried and convicted. How long could the leaders be sentenced to jail for?

What has happened to the two heiresses Clare and Sara Bronfman whose family fortune helped fuel the NXIVM cult machine? Here's what we know.

NXIVM did its best to entice the rich & famous into its ranks. Let's explore why the Seagrams heiresses got involved with the NXIVM cult.

Was Clare Bronfman an abusive leader? Here’s what we now know about Clare Bronfman and her alleged abuse in the NXIVM organization.

When will Lauren Salzman be sentenced for her crimes in NXIVM? Delve into what led to her arrest and discover what her life is like today.

Although HBO's 'The Vow' shows a lot of celebrities, some are missing. Discover who has ties to the NXIVM cult, but isn't appearing in the docuseries.

For all of the details on her complicated history, here is a breakdown of Clare Bronfman’s connection to the NXIVM sex cult.

Now that courts are reopening, the leaders of the NXIVM cult are finally about the meet their fate. Find out how long everyone's going to jail for.