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This Karen’s call to the cops nearly tipped off Ghislaine Maxwell that they were on to her. Here’s how it went down.

This crazy Karen nearly alerted Ghislaine Maxwell to her arrest

It’s 5 AM and helicopters are flying overhead. You, a confused, sleepy Karen are beyond miffed. You haven’t had your Starbucks, checked your phone for the latest Ghislaine Maxwell update, or berated a barista yet. Your morning is ruined. The helicopters won’t shut up and let you finish your snooze time! So what do you do? Call the cops, of course! 

Little did the Karen in this situation know, the reason the helicopters interrupted her precious sleep was that they were FBI helicopters conducting an arrest on Ghislaine Maxwell. Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s second-in-command according to some accounts, was responsible for helping Epstein sex traffick underage girls. 

Also, this Karen’s call to the cops nearly tipped off Ghislaine Maxwell that they were on to her. Here’s how it went down. 

The arrest timeline

The FBI had been keeping tabs on Ghislaine Maxwell for months after Jeffrey Epstein’s death. Being his second in command, they weren’t content to just let her go free. She helped Epstein coerce countless underage girls into prostitution for the benefit of creepy old men.

While surveying Ghislaine Maxwell, the feds began gathering evidence for an indictment. Going as far back as 1994, they collected statements and testimony about her dealings with Epstein’s sex trafficking ring. When they had enough evidence, and when it was the right time, they moved in to make an arrest. 

In addition to helicopters swarming the sleepy New Hampshire neighborhood that Ghislaine Maxwell lived in, twenty-four armed officers in full gear closed in on Maxwell’s property, ready to take her in. But then, just as they’re ready to move in, someone approaches their vehicles to ask what’s going on. 

Ken talks to the fuzz

Or rather, the Karen visit. And it wasn’t a Karen, it was a Ken. The Karens and Kens in Ghislaine Maxwell’s neighborhood weren’t happy about being roused by helicopters. After calling each other to see what was going on, they sent a scout out, a Ken.  

Ken, Karen’s male counterpart who yells at the waitress if he doesn’t get enough ketchup with his burger. He doesn’t get as much press as Karen, but he’s just as annoying. When you’re the fuzz and you’re trying to nab Ghislaine Maxwell, Ken can be a liability. 

The cops get the Karen call

To make Ken go away, they told him they were from the New England Aerial Society. This Ken asked to see their van where they were conducting their experiments. Being the feds who were about to take down Ghislaine Maxwell in a top-secret arrest, they told him no. But this made Ken mad, so he pulled a Karen and called the cops. 

According to a neighbor, it wasn’t the Ken who called. Rather, when he got home and explained the situation to his wife, his wife pulled a Karen and called them. We’re not sure if the local police knew the feds planned on arresting Ghislaine Maxwell that day, but if they did, they may have got a kick out of the call. 

Luckily, they didn’t send a squad car. If they did, or if Ken walked further to Ghislaine Maxwell’s house, he could have compromised the mission! 

Successful arrest (despite Karen and Ken)

The FBI made their arrest as Ghislaine Maxwell was going out in jogging clothes. Whether she was alerted to the sound of helicopters and running to escape or was going on her morning run, blissfully unaware of the feds closing in on her house remains to be seen. 

Currently, Ghislaine Maxwell is housed in MCC awaiting bond, the same prison Jeffrey Epstein was held in before committing suicide. She’s awaiting a bond hearing on July 9.

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  • Ah … so the Karen male counter-part is Ken. That’s okay, I guess … but now I can’t help thinking of Barbie. Could a Barbie be a Karen’s best friend who is secretly sleeping with her Ken and when Karen finds out … she is so miffed she goes shopping fast and furiously everywhere that’s open–while racking up thousands in fines for not wearing a mask. Barbie gets so mad she breaks up with Ken because Karen gets to keep all her new clothes and stuff while he also pays her fines with the money meant for their romantic Virgin Islands Get-A-Way Tour–including a buffet and couples massage at the notorious Lolita Spa on Little St. Jeff.

    August 1, 2020

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