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Ghislaine Maxwell has been arrested for her and Epstein's crimes, and she may have proof Prince Andrew, the Duke of York was involved too.

Prince Andrew, Duke of York: Why Ghislaine Maxwell’s arrest scares him

Ghislaine Maxwell is slated to make her first appearance in federal court on Thursday, July 9. Eager to testify, Maxwell hopes to avoid a lengthy prison sentence by exposing members of Epstein’s inner circle. One of those members is Prince Andrew, Duke of York. 

According to affidavits from Jeffrey Epstein’s victims, Prince Andrew took part in Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual exploits. One of the victims said she was forced to have sex with the Duke of York at Epstein’s residence in the US Virgin Islands – she was a minor when the events took place.

While Prince Andrew and Buckingham Palace deny the allegations, Ghislaine Maxwell could expose them as being true. Not only that, but Maxwell could have physical evidence that the Duke of York slept with underage girls who were part of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking ring.

Here’s what we know about Prince Andrew, Duke of York’s ties to Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell so far, and why the British Royal Family is anxious about Maxwell’s testimony.

Who is Prince Andrew, Duke of York? 

For those of us who aren’t UK subjects and aren’t in the know about the British monarchy, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, is the younger brother of Prince Charles and the second son of HM Queen Elizabeth II. He is currently eighth in line for the British throne. He was also very close friends with Jeffrey Epstein. 

Prince Andrew, Duke of York met Jeffrey Epstein in 1999. Ghislaine Maxwell was the one who introduced them. She had ties to Prince Andrew from her ties as a British socialite. Maxwell was Oxford-educated and her father was a British media mogul. 

How deep the friendship was between Prince Andrew, Duke of York, and Jeffrey Epstein isn’t entirely clear. They were photographed together several times. Prince Andrew released a statement confessing that he stayed on Jeffrey Epstein’s properties, but only visited him once or twice a year at most.

Why Prince Andrew is worried

Ghislaine Maxwell’s hearing on July 9th is a bail hearing. Prosecutors are expected to deny her bail on account of her being a flight risk. Not only does she want to evade a lengthy stay behind bars, but she also has the means to disappear, including lots of wealth and three passports.

In order to escape a long prison sentence, Ghislaine Maxwell is likely willing to use whatever evidence she has at her disposal to pin down johns who used Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking services. One of these alleged johns is Prince Andrew. 

Secret video footage

Supposedly, Ghislaine Maxwell has secret video footage of Prince Andrew that she is willing to hand over in exchange for a reduced sentence. A distant relative of Prince Andrew claimed that Maxwell has video footage of Prince Andrew, and has videotaped multiple johns soliciting services from his trafficking ring.

If Ghislaine Maxwell produces incriminating evidence about Prince Andrew, Duke of York, it would not matter whether he is cooperating with authorities or if he is refusing to cooperate to possibly not incriminate himself. 

The FBI called Prince Andrew for questioning

The FBI has requested Prince Andrew, Duke of York, come to them for an interview. Lawyers for Prince Andrew have advised the Duke of York against travelling to the US, as he has “done nothing wrong,” according to their statements. They have also pointed out that Prince Andrew offered to cooperate with the DOJ three times before. 

This time, the FBI claims Prince Andrew offered “zero cooperation” in January. Jeffrey Epstein’s victims’ lawyers are considering subpoenaing the Duke of York to force him to testify. While there is no legal compulsion for Prince Andrew to testify in the UK or the US, his unwillingness doesn’t sit well with legal experts on either side of the pond.

MPs are calling for Prince Andrew’s full cooperation

Keir Starmer, the Labour Party leader, called for Prince Andrew, Duke of York’s full cooperation into this matter, exclaiming that he saw no reason for Prince Andrew not to in an interview with the BBC. 

What happens if Prince Andrew is arrested? 

If evidence turns up that Prince Andrew participated in Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking ring, what then? Will he be tried in his home country in the UK, or will he be extradited to the US? The Duke of York already stepped down from royal duty in the wake of his connection to Epstein. Will he be stripped of his title? 

If Prince Andrew sets foot on US soil, he could be arrested according to an article in The Sun. That is, if he were subpoenaed and failed to appear in court, he could be held for contempt. If he is arrested for being an accessory or a john in Jeffrey Epstein’s trafficking ring on US soil, he could be tried in the US. 

If Prince Andrew is arrested in the UK, it’s unlikely Buckingham Palace would allow him to be extradited to the US. Right now, it’s unclear if US authorities regard the Duke of York as a witness or a suspect. If it’s the latter, he can refuse to incriminate himself in his testimony, unless Maxwell produces incriminating evidence.

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