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Jeffrey Epstein has a lot of elite friends in his inner circle. The list includes Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, and many more.

Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, and all the others close to Jeffrey Epstein

Since Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent death by suicide last August, the FBI is scouring through his inner circle trying to track down co-conspirators. Epstein’s inner circle contained powerful members like Prince Andrew of the UK Royal Family, former president Bill Clinton, and current president Donald Trump. 

Trying to find out who was a major witness and who participated in Epstein’s sexual assault and trafficking of minor girls is proving to be an uphill battle. Some apparent witnesses like Prince Andrew are high-ranking members of society. Others are hard to track or like Bill Clinton, there is little evidence tying them to any crimes. 

Here’s the rundown on who was in Jeffrey Epstein’s inner circle, who may be able to verify the stories of numerous victims coming forward in civil suits.

Prince Andrew

Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew’s friendship began a decade before Epstein was convicted of soliciting a prostitute and soliciting a minor. Despite the convictions, Prince Andrew continued his friendship with Epstein. They were videotaped walking out of Epstein’s residence with young women in 2010. 

While Buckingham Palace swiftly and fervently denied Prince Andrew’s involvement with Epstein’s sex trafficking, reports emerged that he had sex with a minor three times. His deposition is being sought after in US civil court, as the victims’ lawyers are considering him a prime witness. 

Reports surfaced that Prince Andrew set aside his royal duties in the wake of his connections to Jeffrey Epstein. The FBI was rumored to be calling Prince Andrew as a witness in December 2019, but Reuters claims the FBI will not be involving the prince.

Bill Clinton

Former US president Bill Clinton’s name appeared several times in Jeffrey Epstein’s guest book. Apparently, Clinton accompanied Epstein to several locations on his private jet, including Epstein’s infamous island, Little St. James. 

Bill Clinton was famously exposed for infidelity in the late 1990s when he was impeached for having an affair with his 22-year-old intern Monica Lewinsky. With Clinton’s known affairs and ties to Jeffrey Epstein, many of Clinton’s detractors are waiting for more information about Clinton’s involvement to surface. 

In a tell-all book A Convenient Death: The Mysterious Demise of Jeffrey Epstein by Alana Goodman, Clinton allegedly hung out with Jeffrey Epstein to have an affair with his mistress Ghislaine Maxwell.

Donald Trump

Real estate mogul and current US President Donald Trump has ties to Jeffrey Epstein going back to the early 1990s. They were seen together frequently at social events in New York. Trump reportedly said that he and Epstein both loved beautiful women. 

Trump publicly severed ties with Jeffrey Epstein after he was convicted of soliciting minors. However, there are allegations against Trump that he had relations with underage girls, despite his involvement with Epstein. 

Plus, Alan Acosta, the attorney responsible for Jeffrey Epstein’s original lenient sentence, was appointed by Trump as Secretary of Labor. Acosta stepped down in 2019 after more allegations against Epstein came to light.

Alan Dershowitz

Famed lawyer and Harvard legal scholar Alan Dershowitz was connected to Jeffrey Epstein for decades. While still a Professor Emeritus at Harvard, Dershowitz was accused of having sex with a minor in a court affidavit. He still denies it. Dershowitz is a TV host and legal commentator.


Leslie Wexner

Jeffrey Epstein allegedly managed Victoria Secret CEO Leslie Wexner’s funds for years. Wexner also helped Epstein stage a risque party with Victoria’s Secret models on Little St. James according to reports. 

Leslie Wexner stepped down from his position at Victoria’s Secret after more allegations about his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein came out. He’s stated remorse about his connection to Epstein and that he regretted being swept under his spell.

Leslie Groff

A former assistant of Jeffrey Epstein, Leslie Groff was accused of scheduling sex between Epstein and underage girls. The allegations came out during a civil lawsuit. She also reportedly arranged their overseas travel and living situations.

Ghislaine Maxwell

Daughter of the late press baron and owner of The Daily Mirror Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine Maxwell became connected with Jeffrey Epstein through mutual connections. This English socialite is accused of facilitating Epstein’s trafficking operation. 

When Epstein died by suicide in his jail cell awaiting trial, no one could locate Ghislaine Maxwell. Some reports said she was in London. Other sources saw her in Malibu. Currently, she still hasn’t been charged and runs a non-profit to save the oceans.

Sarah Kellen Vickers

Per testimony from a civil lawsuit, Sarah Keller Vickers brought underage girls directly to Jeffrey Epstein’s bedroom. It was also reported that she set up massage tables and was responsible for paying the recruited, underage girls for sex work. 

Sarah Kellen Vickers is married to NASCAR driver Brian Vickers. They live in North Carolina, Miami Beach, and New York.

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  • Gross

    August 3, 2020
  • This is a very corrupt abuse of young girls by rich and powerful men in America.
    All involved should have there day in court!

    August 4, 2020
  • The fact is ( rich an powerful ! …they will NEVER be convicted …” A prince, presidents attorneys Hollywood stars …anyone lower than these titles would already have gotton life sentences….this just shows these girls will NEVER get justice an I’m sure jefferys little islands an more are still being used … It also looks as if Jeffery traded his victims for political purposes an favors … His connections will NEVER end an they will never stop !! For years this has gone on an no one was gonna go down with him ….any of these powerful men could have played a part in his death !!!

    August 16, 2020

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