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Living from art can be tough, can you imagine becoming a millionaire in jail? Here's everything you need to know about Jodi Arias's net worth.

Millionaire murderer: What’s brutal killer Jodi Arias’s net worth now?

Here’s a little story. A woman murders her ex-boyfriend, leaves him dead, is thrown in prison, and becomes a millionaire. Doesn’t sound real? Well, it is. Meet Jodi Arias, a notorious American murderer who did just that.  

Jodi Arias is popularly known for her rollercoaster relationship with her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander who she killed in cold blood. Alexander was found dead on June 9th, 2008, with his body hunched over in the bathroom of his home.

Authorities later determined that Alexander had been dead for several days. He had been stabbed at least twenty-seven times, his throat cut ear to ear, and also been shot in the head. Arias’ DNA was found at the crime scene, which led to her conviction. It’s been well over a decade since her guilty verdict, yet this gruesome murderer has been racking in money. How is this possible, you say? Oh, we’ll tell you. 

Millionaire murderer

According to Networth202, Jodi Arias is one of the wealthiest criminals/murder with a total net worth of $1 million to $5 million as of 2022 by Forbes. In January, shortly after Arias’ murder trial began, her artwork appeared on eBay listed at prices of $300 to $400. However, it is unclear how much her current drawings cost.

Arias gave her artwork to her brother or a third party to sell online. Her brother claims the proceeds were used to cover the family’s costs of the trial and to “better feed” Arias while she was in prison

Her website has recently announced that prints of her work “Sailing at Sunset” is available for $39, while the original work can be purchased for $1,500. According to ABC, Chris Hegstrom, spokesman for the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office that overseas Aria’s imprisonment said, “She’s able to have access to paper and purchase color pencils, and if she wants to release her property to someone outside, she can.”

The current drawings listed on are portraits of celebrities, women’s faces, and nature scenes. However, many people are outraged about Jodi’s capacity to obtain funds from the outside world. Many argued that generating revenue should not be an awarded perk for a murderer in prison – especially one who has never admitted guilt for her crime. 

Hegstrom said, “She’s not physically running a business from our jail. I can’t stop her from talking on the phone or releasing the property.”

Twitter, prison art, and bankruptcy 

Jodi Arias is making thousands of dollars a month by selling art that she continues to make from behind bars but now that eBay has banned her from their site, she’s relying on a loyal group of friends who are running a different website for the sales.

The website, which also accepts donations offers her original artwork, noting authenticity in the form of the following: “All pieces created after January 26, 2013, are authenticated with Jodi Arias’ right thumbprint.”

Jodi Arias doesn’t have access to a computer while behind bars in a Phoenix jail, but that has not stopped the woman at the center of the country’s most high-profile murder trial from joining Twitter.

ABC News has confirmed that Arias’ friend Donavan Bering has maintained a Twitter account since mid-February. Arias announced via Twitter she was filing for bankruptcy on October 10th.

A short-lived tumultuous relationship

Jodi Arias & Travis Alexander had a short-lived tumultuous relationship. There was jealousy, religious differences, and extreme highs & lows. In 2006, she was baptized as a Latter-day Saint and moved to Mesa, Arizona to be closer to Alexander. 

She & Alexander experienced a toxic back and forth addictive-type relationship until Arias finally moved back to California. However, they stayed in contact and continued having sexual relations despite their unstable connection. 

Arias was described as an obsessive girlfriend to a point where her actions began to worry friends & family. And they were right, Alexander & Arias’s unhealthy relationship inevitably led to murder. 

Life in jail

Arias never pleaded guilty to Alexander’s murder and had multiple stories for an alibi that didn’t add up. The authorities found her blood at the crime scene and photos from the day of murder featuring Arias & Alexander together.  

She was captured in July 2008 with charges of first-degree murder. Chasing after four months of preliminary that started in December 2012, she was indicted for first-degree murder and condemned to life in state jail without the chance for further appeal in April 2015.

What do you think about Jodi Arias’ net worth? Should murderers have such high net worths? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • The family of the man she butchered should sue her for the murder . I wouldn’t pay 1 cent for any of her garbage . Society is saying it’s ok to kill . I hope that she rots in prison .

    May 6, 2022
  • People find a way to justify their jealousy.Just like in the outside world,people inside being confined for crimes,should have a way to show their talents too.I think shes very talented ,and she should be able to make money off her skills.She puts alot of time and heart into her art. And there really isn’t that much she can do with her money confined. Her family and friends most likel gain more than her art.And i think it shows shes a caring person.It is horrible what took place and whatever lead to travis getting slaughtered,cus no doubt he was.But a person should only pay so much.Torture is unneccesary ,and its not her fault there is alot of talent like hers.She just didn’t know she was worth .ore than travis gave her credut for.And Jodi was way to good for travis.He was a phony pervert.And that was quite obvious.And using religion to make himself seem better than he was. That is not saying he deserved it,she ruint her life too.And sometimes you get what you don’t expect out of your insanity,i think that is basically what happened to both Travis and Jodi.Good luck with your art its worth the value and more.I wish much luck to Jodi and hope she does get all she can out of life in there.Hard to say should she ever get out. It is not likely she would do it again,i think it was just some way travis made her feel,like a piece ot used toilet paper,like she said. Someday yes, i think she should get out. she has been in for almost 15 years id say another 10 should do.But my thoughts tell me she won’t ever get out. Good luck to her like i said,and someday i would say i will get some of her art it is fabulous!

    March 24, 2023

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