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Many have speculated that Ghislaine Maxwell could be hiding out on Jeffrey Epstein’s private island. Here's what we know about the Epstein island.

Is Ghislaine Maxwell hiding on Jeffrey Epstein’s island?

If you were closely involved with an infamous sex offender described by some to be “the face of evil”, would you want people to know where you were? Apparently, the answer for Ghislaine Maxwell, is an emphatic no. 

Not only is Maxwell known to be very close to the late Jeffrey Epstein, but she is thought to have helped groom underage girls for sex slavery within Epstein’s purview. Maxwell’s involvement in trafficking minors is a bad look for her to say the least. She has yet to be faced with the justice system because people simply can’t find her. 

It’s kind of hard to charge someone with a crime when you can’t find them, which is why so many have speculated as to where in the world Ghislaine Maxwell could be. Everyone wants to know the truth behind the scope of her involvement. Especially after watching the docuseries Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, many have speculated that Ghislaine could be hiding out on Jeffrey Epstein’s private island. 

Who is Ghislaine Maxwell and how is she connected to Jeffrey Epstein? 

Ghislaine Maxwell is an alleged co-conspirator to Jeffrey Epstein’s sex crimes. Many alleged victims have named her as Epstein’s right-hand woman, saying that she played a pivotal role in grooming them to be the sexual playthings of Epstein and his friends. 

Even in youth, Ghislaine Maxwell was known for her connection to people in the upper echelons of society. Because her daddy, Robert Maxwell, used to be a media tycoon, she was raised in a mansion and was very used to mingling with nobility. Maxwell attended Oxford University and at some point met Jeffrey Epstein, although it is unclear exactly how and when. 

Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein became very close and in good time she became his girlfriend for a number of years. By 2003, Epstein described Maxwell as only a “best friend” to Vanity Fair

Jeffrey Epstein’s nightmare private island 

When you’re rich, you can do wild things like purchasing entire islands to cavort on in private. For convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, that sort of arrangement was ideal. Epstein owned two private islands in the Caribbean: Great St. James & Little St. James. 

Little St. James is the island off the coast of St. Thomas that’s thought to be the site of many sexual crimes against underage girls and women. Many alleged victims have come forward about their horrific experiences being trapped on Epstein’s island. 

The fact that no one could leave the island unless they traveled by Epstein’s private boats or helicopters made it the perfect place to trap people. One girl was even so desperate to leave that she allegedly tried to swim to safety. 

Despite being a registered sex offender in the Virgin Islands, Epstein was able to board his private plane with obviously underaged girls in the Virgin Islands on many occasions. Several workers from the airport Epstein frequented remarked about how unbelievable they thought it was that Epstein brazenly brought young girls with him to and from his private property on a consistent basis. 

Epstein’s private plane was even nicknamed the Lolita Express. 

One former air traffic controller said this about what he saw: “My colleagues and I definitely talked about how we didn’t understand how this guy was still allowed to be around children. We didn’t say anything because we figured law enforcement was doing their job. I have to say that that is regrettable, but we really didn’t even know who to tell, or if anyone really cared.” 

Is Maxwell really hiding out on Jeffrey Epstein’s private island

Ghislaine Maxwell hasn’t been seen in public since Epstein’s arrest in July of 2019. She hasn’t been charged by the authorities concerning Epstein’s crimes, but she has been sued in civil lawsuits. 

Alleged victim Virginia Giuffre said this about Maxwell’s involvement with Epstein: “Jeffrey and Ghislaine had a way of normalizing the abuse, they kind of made it feel as though we were in this deranged family.” 

Criminal defense attorney Troy Slaten says, “The federal government can’t likely take anything from him because he wasn’t convicted of a crime and can’t be tried now that he’s dead . . . He is most certainly, however, subject to civil actions aimed squarely at slicing up the assets in his estate.” 

With this information in mind, while Ghislaine Maxwell might be hiding out in the same place she allegedly trapped numerous women and girls, it’s also possible she has chosen a more inconspicuous place to burrow away. Find out more about Ghislaine Maxwell and her involvement with Jeffrey Epstein’s private island on Netflix’s Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich.

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  • everyone will see the truth someday, we can take the elites down together, stop the trafficking of any human and child, they need our help!!! share your voice always!!! make people see!!!

    August 3, 2020
  • I pray the Feds locate and prosecute Ghislaine Maxwell- There is enough evidence to lock her away forever! There is a whole underground billion dollar business of human trafficking going on and all hell is going to break loose exposing it, taking down many elites! It can’t happen soon enough! Human trafficking is the TRUE PANDEMIC! #SaveOurChildren

    August 25, 2020

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