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What's up with the recent UFO sightings in Canada? Discover why there's been an uptick in strange activity in the night skies and if it will continue.

Why is Canada having so many recent UFO sightings?

Between the Mars Rover helicopter’s flights over the past few weeks and NASA’s asteroid simulation, the world of outer space has been making waves lately. Mars & asteroids, however, are some of the things outside our planet we have cold hard evidence of. What’s less black & white is our knowledge of UFOs.

Last year, UFOs made headlines like never before when the Pentagon recognized the existence of unidentified flying objects, and the image of drunken crackpots claiming UFO sightings was forever changed. 

Since then, recent UFO sightings have less of the stigma they once had, and readers increasingly stop to ponder the legitimacy of the latest supposed saucer in the sky. Headlines across the board report the most recent UFO sightings have been coming in droves from the great white north in Canada.

Unexpected reporters

This morning, Halifax Today reported that not only have an increased number of UFO reports been coming down the pipe from Canada, but also they’ve been coming from trained air traffic controllers, pilots, and others who would be most qualified to tell the difference between a UFO and say, a bird or light refraction showing up on radar

These reports are filed and available to see, explaining how it could be known these kinds of professionals are behind some of the recent UFO sightings. Despite professional reports saying there have been UFOs flying over Canada over the past year, others are more skeptical.


Global News reported yesterday that Alberta, Canada has been getting increased recent UFO sightings, coming by way of 911 calls. 

Some believe the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused the uptick of recent UFO sightings, as most Canadians spent more time outside than ever before in 2020, setting their sights on the night sky with a newfound frequency.

While some law enforcement says the calls reporting UFOs coming over the past year not requiring EMS or police stick out, others remember more dramatic calls. 

Sightings explained

Many of the recent UFO sightings were explained by the SpaceX satellite launches causing strange patterns in the sky, but others made calls pleading with law enforcement saying not only have the aliens landed, but extraterrestrials were coming to get us humans. 

These reports were debunked, but a greater night sky phenomenon was harder to uncover earlier this year in March 2021.

In February, a strange occurrence lit up the early morning night sky over Alberta, making headlines across news publications suggesting a UFO sighting. However, it was soon reported a comet fragment was burning up on the Earth’s atmosphere, creating a brilliant light show.

Explained or mysterious, the fact remains recent UFO sightings have shot up in Canada over the past year. Winnipeg-based Ufology Research dropped a study in March revealing UFO sightings increased in Canada by forty-six percent in 2020 compared to earlier years. So why has there been such an uptick in recent UFO sightings in Canada?

Simplest explanation

It’s hard to say why there’s been such an increase in UFO sightings in Canada over the past year, but as they say, the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. The theory coming to mind from most experts is simply the result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

As many people around the world had more time to look at the world around them, as leisure industries shut down and millions were free from the shackles of employment, they spent more time looking at the night sky noticing the strange occurrences they couldn’t make sense of. 

However, as restrictions made to slow the spread of the coronavirus continue to loosen, we’ll have to wait & see if UFO reports drop, or if we need to keep a keen eye on the sky to see if the truth is really out there.

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