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A strange nighttime sighting led to come Canadian citizens to snap pics of what they think might be aliens. What do you think?

You probably remember the wave of celebrities who threatened to leave the United States after the election for president. What about in 2020?

What is going on with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's staff? Here's everything you need to know about the latest move.

Justin Trudeau has proven he's clueless with his blackface scandal – but is cluelessness Trudeau’s real crime? We’re digging into Trudeau’s latest scandal.

Sometimes the killing of animals is even mandated and that's the case in Canada with wolf hunting. Here's why it needs to end!

If 2020 wasn’t bad enough, if you’re American, your passport is worthless now. Here are the countries putting the phrase “Yanks, stay home” into action.

Tired of watching sh^& burn across the great United States? Maybe immigration to Canada is an option? Here are other countries worth looking at.

If you loved the locations in 'Anne with an E' as much as we did, consider checking out these places the next time you’re free to roam.

A lot of strange things wash up ashore. But when it's dismembered feet washing up, it's a bit more criminal. This is one of the bizarre true crime