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Why is Elon Musk weighing in on whether UFOs are real? Check out his zany Tweets and the hilarious Twitter reactions he's encountering online.

Why is Elon Musk arguing that UFOs are not real? See his bizarre tweet

Ah, Elon Musk. Even if you don’t stan his stated plans to colonize Mars or book your flight on one of his Starships, his Twitter is a treasure trove of wacky statements you should probably follow. 

Today, Musk tweeted a bizarre statement about the perennial question: “Are UFOs real”?  Musk appeared to argue that due to the existence of cameras and the existence of perpetually-blurry UFO pics – no, UFOs are therefore not real. 

Leading us to scratch our noggins and ask: why in the galaxy is Elon Musk tweeting about UFOs and whether or not they’re real? Let’s dive in. 

“Strongest argument against aliens”

In a tweet titled “strongest argument against aliens”, Elon Musk tweeted a graph showing the increase in the quality of a camera versus the continuously shoddy photos of UFOs. As camera resolution increased since the invention of the daguerreotype (the first-ever form of photography) in the nineteenth century to what our phones are capable of capturing in the 2020s, the quality of UFO photos should’ve increased, too. 

Alas, while flying saucers grace our screens in movies & TV shows in hi-definition, the same can’t be said for “real” UFO photos. Therefore, Musk argued, UFOs aren’t real. 


Twitter being Twitter, the responses to Elon Musk’s assertions that UFOs are not real are pure gold. 

Some Twitter users made obscure references to science fiction works

Others pointed out the horrible quality of real footage today like bank security cameras. How are we going to pinpoint who the bank robbers are with that grainy footage? 

UFO believers even chimed in, citing the research they’ve done about the Pentagon which they claim proves aliens & UFOs are real. 

Other Twitter users supported his claim, declaring if UFOs were real, we’d have high-quality footage like that found in the movies. To be fair, when the rotoscoped astronaut in a convertible in Heavy Metal is better than most “real” UFO pictures, we have to say Elon Musk has a point

Except . . . 

UFOs are technically real. Short for “unidentified flying object”, they’re exactly what they say on the tin. Something’s flying in the sky. It could be a bird, it could be a plane, but whatever it is, we can’t tell for sure. 

Most UFOs that are mistaken for real alien spacecraft are later revealed to be drones. An alleged UFO that was spotted in England last summer was later revealed to be someone’s drone capturing footage of cruise ships. 

Other sources point to weird weather phenomena being responsible for fake UFO alien sightings. Lenticular clouds, for instance, look like smooth, flying saucers, but they’re really oddly shaped clouds that are usually caused by mountains. Whether or not a UFO is an alien spacecraft is an entirely different question altogether. 

Still not answering the question! 

Right. Why is Elon Musk tweeting about whether or not UFOs are real? We don’t know. We’re not even sure Elon Musk knows. Between tweeting about zero-gravity concerts and his SpaceX program, he tweets some of the strangest things. Last week, he tweeted he was selling a song about NFTs as an NFT. He also quoted Puck’s final monologue from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Elon Musk’s weird tweets possibly showcase him as an eccentric billionaire as part of his brand. Between weird tweets about whether or not UFOs are real and “Homo sapiens techno” (whatever that means), followers will see what Tesla & SpaceX are up to, from product launches to space launches. 

Do you think Elon Musk really doesn’t believe UFOs are real? Let us know in the comments down below!  

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  • After the invasion of Iraq and George Bush’s tv appearance on the aircraft carrier he could later be seen embracing Bill Clinton calling him ‘my brother from another mother’…for reasons you can just go ahead and speculate about. If Stanley Kubrick was still alive he and Musk would do the same. Kubrick tried to warn us the moon landings were Hollywood. Gus Grissom nearly drowned because he was starting to say things. Kubrick was found dead just few weeks after putting up a stink
    about redactions to ‘eyes wide shut’. Can’t say to much and keep yourself alive but Musk has got his deft little finger out and he’s poking some eyes. Why is he always talking about Mars…

    March 23, 2021

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