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We just found out that 'Tesla' is using some earnings to build a humanoid robot! Watch with us as we explore the future being made right before our

From designing brain microchips to demanding to replace the Apple CEO, Elon Musk has a few wild news stories. Here are some of the best Elon Musk headlines.

A life-sized bronze statue of billionaire Elon Musk was unveiled to the public in Manhattan. Why do these young New Yorkers want it gone?

Why is the hacker collective Anonymous seemingly going after Elon Musk? Dive into their apparent claims, and find out more about who they are here.

What has Elon Musk gotten himself into? Grimes seems to be all over the place with her takes on communism, but will this get the singer in trouble?

Could the Dogecoin price actually be going up to $1 in the future? Twitter seems to think so. Check out these reactions that will leave you optimistic.

Thanks to a job description, we're wondering if Apple's going to jump on crypto. See whether you'll be able to pay for your subscriptions with Bitcoin soon.

'SNL' host Elon Musk seemingly killed his debut as the show's host. But what exactly happened to his girlfriend Grimes days after her appearance as Peach?

Fans of 'SNL' are gearing up for this week's episode of the show, hosted by Elon Musk. However, will all the cast members be there, or have some