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Ghislaine Maxwell became a part of the world of the social elites. Here are some photos that are proof that Maxwell has lots of influential friends.

How many names can Ghislaine Maxwell name? Discover how many celebrities Maxwell took photos with and if they're connected to Epstein.

Recently it seems China may overtake SpaceX in aerospace technology. Here's the latest news surrounding SpaceX and China's space program.

Did a UFO spaceship crash land in the ocean near Greenland? Alien-hunters are saying that a real UFO spaceship is frozen inside a glacier.

Are alien hunters getting younger? Find out how a couple of schoolgirls managed to capture evidence that just might prove UFOs are real.

There have been many strange celebrity couples, but Elon Musk & Grimes are definitely in the top ten. Here are some of the best memes.

Ghislaine Maxwell is known for being a socialite. Here are some of the people Maxwell has claimed to be friends with.

Kanye West actually getting a bid for president of the United States seemed like a tall order, so let's see if he intended to go through with it

As the announcement dropped, the internet exploded. Here's everything we know about Kanye West’s plan to run for President in 2020.