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Is Johnny Depp suing Musk due to Amber Heard’s new net worth?

Who knew the whirlwind tales of Hollywood and Silicon Valley could be so intertwined?

From her riveting roles in Aquaman and The Rum Diary to her vibrant advocacy for LGBTQ rights, Amber Heard’s life in the limelight has never been dull. But her recent legal tussles with ex-husband Johnny Depp have dominated headlines more than her acting accolades. But how does that help or hurt Amber’s net worth? Let’s take a deep dive into the net worth of all players and see who comes out on top.

johnny depp v amber heard

From Screen to Courtroom

Their rocky relationship, which ended in 2016, kept both Heard and Depp under constant media scrutiny. But what really sent shockwaves was their ensuing legal warfare. 

Depp’s defamation suit and Heard’s countersuit have had everyone talking. So, who did the jury favor in 2022? Heard was asked to cough up a cool $15 million, while Depp was handed a bill for two million. But just when we thought things might settle, Depp agreed to a reduced one million payout. That must deal quite a blow to net worth.

johnny depp v amber heard

Despite the high-profile court battles, Amber Heard’s earnings made waves of their own. Between 2013 and 2019, she pulled in an impressive ten million. And 2019 was a banner year for her, raking in three million alone.

A multi-picture deal with Warner Brothers put her on the map and into our theaters. From an initial $450,000 for her first role, Heard’s earnings soared to one million for Aquaman and were set to keep climbing for potential sequels. Not to mention, her TV role in The Stand netted her a cool $1.8 million, and a lucrative L’Oreal contract further cemented her financial status.

Tech Mogul Tales

But if Heard’s and Depp’s drama wasn’t enough, the involvement of tech titan Elon Musk added another layer to the saga. Especially when his candid father, Errol Musk, stepped into the spotlight. 

The senior Musk didn’t hold back in his interview with Daily Mail. He gave the world a glimpse into the Musk family dynamics and Elon’s intriguing relationships. Errol felt Heard was an ideal match for his son, claiming Elon had strong feelings for her even before her divorce from Depp was finalized. 

But while Errol dished on Amber, he didn’t have the kindest words for Grimes, Elon’s on-again, off-again partner and mother of his three children.

The musical sensation Grimes, while generally keeping her personal life private, did confirm the birth of her and Elon’s third child, after a teaser from Walter Isaacson’s biography broke the news. While discussing the situation, she also tackled rumors about Shivon Zilis, another of Elon’s partners.

However, with the ever-mysterious state of her relationship with the SpaceX founder, Grimes remains cautious about the future her kids face. “Being Elon’s kid is not the same as being anyone’s kid,” she wisely noted.

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Errol’s Candid Takes

With sixteen, or is it seventeen, grandchildren to his name, Errol Musk candidly chatted about his sprawling family tree. He even shared some thoughts about Elon’s prolific relationships. But when discussing his relationship with his billionaire son, Errol seems to strike a contrasting note from Elon’s memories of his childhood.

Errol’s perspective on Elon’s love life and upbringing, especially in light of accusations from Isaacson’s biography, only adds more depth to the Musk family’s intricate tale.

So, with all these twists and turns, the pressing question remains: in the worlds of tech, Hollywood, and high-stakes romance, what surprises will tomorrow’s net worth bring?

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