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Is Johnny Depp the most hated man at Cannes Film Festival?

Have you heard? Hollywood’s notorious bad boy, Johnny Depp, is making a big splash at the Cannes Film Festival. But not everyone is thrilled about his return. While Depp, known for his roles in films like Pirates of the Caribbean and Edward Scissorhands, is set to charm the red carpet, some of his ex-wife Amber Heard’s allies are trying to dampen his moment.

Let’s take a look at the whispers around Cannes as the actor makes their way back onscreen.

Shaky comeback

The French Riviera is buzzing as Depp, at 59, makes his appearance at the premiere of Jeanne du Barry, the movie that is officially opening the Cannes Film Festival. The actor plays Louis XV in the film, directed by and co-starring the renowned French actor-director Maïwenn.

Amidst the festival’s glitter and glamour, sources close to Depp reveal that the star is flourishing professionally, landing a Dior deal reportedly worth more than $20 million and preparing for his directorial debut with legendary actor Al Pacino. Yet, he faces new criticism, casting a shadow on his current successes.

Fresh criticism

Adding fuel to the fire, Heard’s close friend and journalist Eve Barlow, took to Instagram to voice her disapproval. Her posts, tagged with #CannesYouNot, openly criticized Cannes for supporting alleged abusers. She posted a photo of Depp along with controversial figures Woody Allen and Roman Polanski, both of whom have been accused of sexual abuse.

This strong statement from Barlow came with a further blow – she claims that protest flyers are being distributed at theaters showing “Jeanne du Barry,” naming Depp as involved in acts of violence against his former wife, Amber Heard. Depp has repeatedly denied these accusations, which originated from an essay Heard wrote for the Washington Post.

Carpet drama

The tension between Depp and Heard reached a boiling point in 2022, with a civil jury finding Heard guilty of defaming Depp through her Washington Post column. This resulted in Depp receiving $10 million in damages. However, the court also sided with Heard, awarding her $2 million after determining that Depp’s lawyer had defamed her.

On the red carpet, the controversy stirred unease, with Cannes juror Brie Larson seeming uncomfortable when asked if she would attend Depp’s premiere. Barlow’s subsequent tweet underscored her belief in the influence Depp yields in Hollywood, stating, “Amber stood alone.”

Despite the brewing controversy, Cannes director Thierry Fremaux defended the festival’s decision to open with “Jeanne du Barry.” Fremaux praised Depp’s performance in the film and claimed he did not focus on the highly publicized trial between Depp and Heard.

Stilted resilience

Regardless of the backlash, Depp’s career is gaining momentum. His Dior deal, rumored to be worth well over $20 million, has been extended for another three years. Additionally, his directorial debut in a film titled “Modi,” starring Al Pacino, is on the horizon, along with a tour with his band, Hollywood Vampires.

Depp’s packed schedule is an assertion of his staying power in the industry. As he prepares to leave France to perform at a memorial concert for guitarist Jeff Beck in London, it seems Depp is on track professionally, and sources close to him share that he is “proud of the film.”Depp’s return to Cannes, the first since 2011, rekindles the classic debate between the artist and their art. 


Can we appreciate a performer’s talent while acknowledging their personal controversies? Especially for what Depp has done? Let us know in the comments

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  • Depp has done nothing, you need to change this broken record and eat your serving of crow. You will never convince people who have discernment and common sense.

    June 8, 2023

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