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Dive into the riveting world of the 'Donald Trump Apprentice' era. This Cannes-potential documentary could spill the tea on reality TV's cut-throat politics. Buckle up for a Trumpian

After three years of organizing the film festival in villas near Cannes, this year it will be screened directly in the cinema. The event will take place on

Take a look at all the stars and actors in general boycotting the 80th Venice Film Festival and see what's next with the strike!

There’s a reason to believe that 2022 may have been the last golden year for Hollywood in general. Let's see how true that is.

The Wild7Films Team Made Waves For Themselves at Cannes Film Festival 2023 With multiple projects in development and offered for distribution in the international sales market, Wild7Films co-founders, Actor/Producer

Uncover the mystery of Julia Fox's nudity obsession. Explore why this enigmatic actress constantly bares it all and how it impacts her career.

Take a deep dive into the already headline swirling buzz surrounding Justine Triet's win at Cannes and what Jane Fonda has to do with it!

How does an esteemed French fashion house align with a Hollywood veteran? Take a look at Johnny Depp in Dior!

Explore the Cannes Festival '22 and dive into the most provocative and controversial movies that are set to make waves at this prestigious event.