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Just who is winner of the Palme d’Or, Justine Triet?

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to step into the international limelight with a bang? Let’s talk about Justine Triet, the French filmmaker who set the movie world ablaze when she won the coveted Palme d’Or at the seventy-sixth Cannes Film Festival with her scintillating masterpiece, Anatomy of a Fall

The buzz around her win isn’t just about her brilliant filmmaking prowess, but also her fiery acceptance speech that had everyone at the edge of their seats.

Breaking Barriers

Triet’s win adds her name to an exclusive and rarified list – she’s only the third female director in the entire history of the festival to bag the Palme d’Or. Now that’s a significant milestone worth talking about! 

This wave of change didn’t stop with Triet’s win though. Jane Fonda, the effervescent actress, also created quite a stir at the awards ceremony when she played catch with the winner – hurling an award scroll towards the triumphant director.

But let’s dive into the real star of the show, the film that won the laurel. Anatomy of a Fall is a riveting blend of family drama and crime procedural, spinning a tale that’s both haunting and gripping. 

It showcases a woman accused of murdering her husband, throwing the audience into a sea of legal twists and turns that would make Hitchcock proud. The movie paints a gripping picture of marital life under the lens of suspicion, keeping viewers hooked till the very end.

Critics from The Guardian to The Hollywood Reporter have been singing praises about Anatomy of a Fall. Sandra Hüller, who played the protagonist, was lauded for her remarkable performance. 

Her portrayal of a complex character embroiled in a murder accusation has been applauded as one of the movie’s defining strengths. Variety highlighted the engrossing courtroom drama, whereas Time Out loved the layered complexities of the film.

Metacritic Speaks

Over on Metacritic, Anatomy of a Fall holds an impressive average score of ninety. The platform, which hosts a plethora of critic reviews, emphasizes the film’s exploration of the intricate unknowns in individual relationships and its nail-biting courtroom drama. The Financial Times joined the chorus of acclaim, commending Triet’s sterling direction and the film’s “did-she-do-it” tension that left audiences biting their nails.

The Cannes Film Festival wouldn’t be complete without a dash of drama, right? Step in Jane Fonda, the 85-year-old Hollywood veteran who presented the award to Justine Triet. After a rousing speech marking a historic moment with seven female directors nominated for the prestigious award, Fonda threw the award scroll at Triet in a moment of playful frustration. 

The clip quickly went viral, and Fonda’s amusing antics stole the show.

Before this viral moment, the 80 For Brady star had made headlines when she candidly discussed her A-list former co-stars, including Robert Redford and Katharine Hepburn. She shared an inside scoop about Redford’s on-screen kissing preferences and also revealed a fascinating nugget about a post-Oscar phone call with Hepburn.

Last Take

So there you have it, folks! The seventy-sixth Cannes Film Festival was one for the history books with its share of triumphs, tension, and tantrums. With women taking the center stage in more ways than one, the event truly marked a shift in the filmmaking world. 

But, beyond the glitz and glamour, we should remember that these moments of recognition go a long way in inspiring the next generation of storytellers. As for Justine Triet, her journey has just begun, and the world eagerly anticipates her next move.


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