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What's up with the recent UFO sightings in Canada? Discover why there's been an uptick in strange activity in the night skies and if it will continue.

History in space travel has been made. NASA has just announced that they've retrieved sound recordings from the Mars rover. Find out the cool details here.

What's life on Mars like for NASA's rover Perseverance? See what the red giant looks like from the newest rover's perspective.

David Bowie once asked, “Is there life on Mars?” Well, we can tell him there is sound. NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover landed on the red planet on February

Matt Damon trended on Twitter thanks to the latest Mars rover landing. The internet had jokes and we collected the out of this world memes.

NASA's Rover is one step closer to discover life on Mars. Could finding water soon mean finding aliens?

The Mars rover sends us many striking photos of the Martian landscape. Explore the strange planet and see why "alien experts" think there's life on Mars.