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Matt Damon trended on Twitter thanks to the latest Mars rover landing. The internet had jokes and we collected the out of this world memes.

Mars Rover Perseverance saving Matt Damon? Our fave ‘The Martian’ jokes

Mars has one more robotic inhabitant as of yesterday! The rover named Perseverance has joined the likes of Curiosity, Opportunity, and others to explore the surface of the red planet.

Shortly after NASA reported a successful landing for their Mini Cooper sized Mars Rover, Twitter began to make memes because, let’s face it, that’s the only thing Twitter is good for anymore. (Aside from ineloquent political hottakes.) However, the internet hive mind reared its head and everyone made The Martian-themed jokes.

Here are our favorite memes inspired by the Perseverance rover and Matt Damon.

Found him!

Mere minutes after the first image taken by the Mars rover was released the internet photoshopped Matt Damon into the picture. At least he has some company now, even if he doesn’t have a way off the planet.

Rescue mission

Everyone knows Matt Damon has a habit of getting stranded. From Saving Private Ryan to The Martian, it seems that we’ll do anything to get the actor back home safely.

The same but different

While many people were photoshopping Matt Damon clad in his spacesuit into the first Mars Rover picture, but we give props to this user for at least thinking slightly outside of the box.

It made us chuckle even though we’ve heard the Matt Damon joke two dozen times by now.

Got friend up there

Since Twitter was also blowing up with Ted Cruz memes due to the fact the senator appeared to be fleeing his frozen state of Texas for Cancún, Mexico, this meme elicited a giggle. Turns out Mexico wasn’t far enough – he needed to get further away from his problems.

Sending a replacement

Others wanted to send Ted Cruz to the red planet, but . . . is that really who you want to start the first off-Earth human colony?

Combo meme

You have to use The Weeknd’s Super Bowl meme while it’s still relevant and we always applaud smushing two pop culture jokes into one. Good job Twitter user @RHufane.

Once again

Once again, there are Bernie Sanders memes because of course there are. The internet has been obsessed with Sanders’s wintery look from the presidential inauguration and it isn’t over yet.

At least he’s dressed pretty appropriately for Mars. It’s not as warm as it looks.

Fancam in gif form?

This user seems to have boldly taken the opportunity of the Mars rover landing to post a gif-version of a fancam for Matt Damon’s The Martian character.


Some people were a little confused about why Matt Damon began trending on Twitter for seemingly no reason. Finding out it was for one joke being told on repeat didn’t help.

The realization

Listen, it was a funny joke until we read it more than three times, okay? We love Matt Damon and the Perseverance rover, and we also love The Martian, so we’re embarrassed we didn’t see the joke coming.

Also yes, this is in fact the author’s own tweet. We feel no shame in using it since it received nearly 1,000 likes. 💁‍♀️

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