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Which platform should you pick? Check out our streaming service comparison here, and decide which one best fits all your entertainment needs here.

Netflix, Hulu, or Disney Plus: Here’s our streaming service comparison

Since the start of the global pandemic, we haven’t had any opportunities to watch our favorite movies on the big screen. Instead, big blockbusters like Wonder Woman 1984 have moved to our small screens with the help of streaming services like HBO, Netflix, and many more. 

Though you’re probably a subscriber to a couple of these mega streaming services, have you ever thought about subscribing to just one? 

Today, we’re doing a comparison of the best streaming platforms so you & your family can save that extra money and go on a nice family holiday by the end of the pandemic. Sound like a plan? Great! Let’s dive right in. 


To start our exciting streaming service comparison, we’ll start with the streaming giant Netflix. We love Netflix for a few reasons; original films & series like Stranger Things, can share an account with up to four of your closest friends, and new shows appear every week. Doesn’t get better than this! 

If you’re still not fully convinced about Netflix, the streaming service has promised approximately seventy original films by the end of 2021. If that doesn’t scream spotlight potential, we don’t know what does. 

According to Netflix, their global streaming service provides a basic monthly plan for only $8.99 which includes “unlimited moves and TV shows”, and you’re free to binge-watch on any device! However, if you want picture-perfect quality . . . like Ultra HD you & your friends can split Netflix’s premium payment of $17.99 per month. 

And if you’re planning on taking that vacation in a remote location, don’t worry, with any of Netflix’s subscription plans, you’ll be able to download your favorite shows before heading up to that sketchy mountain reserve. 

Amazon Prime Video

We all enjoy a good purchase from Amazon from time-to-time, but have you ever experienced a great “Amazon Original” film or TV show like The Rental or Eddie Murphy’s latest movie Coming 2 America? Thanks to Amazon’s incredible streaming service, Prime Video, you can watch original films and Hollywood shows & movies like This Is Us & The Devil Wears Prada at only $12.99 per month.

To make a comparison between Netflix & Amazon Prime Video is quite difficult as they provide very different global content. However, Amazon Prime Video actually gives you a thirty-day free trial compared to Netflix which removed their free-trial feature back in October 2020. So at least with Prime Video, you don’t have to make a full commitment anytime soon. Score! 

Amazon Prime also allows users to receive ad-free music streaming and an all-exclusive access to Amazon’s Prime Reading & Prime Gaming applications. Oh and let’s not forget about that free delivery perk. 

As TechRadar noted, the Amazon Prime application you can also download using any device and has a list of over 13,000 films compared to Netflix with only 2,000 series. However, you’ll still get quality viewing content and get to share with your friends in HD or above. 

Disney Plus

For only $7.99 per month, Disney Plus offers (all you Disney nerds out there) a selection of Marvel & Star Wars blockbusters with classic animated & live-action films like Lady and The Tramp, Aladdin, and more! 

Using the Disney streaming service, you’ll get each film in total HD alongside fresh content like Marvel’s Phase 4 series WandaVision & The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Disney Plus will allow users to access their content from anywhere across the globe and with the help from Hulu & ESPN+ you can try their bundle for $12.99 and enjoy a bunch of live sport and Hulu original content like The Handmaid’s Tale


The U.S. streaming service Hulu includes a beautiful one-month trial and includes a selection of broadcasts & cable networks like CBS. For just $5.99 per month, it’s probably the cheapest option in comparison to other streaming services. However, Hulu isn’t available outside of the United States. Therefore, to use Hulu you’d need either a VPN or to live within the U.S. 

By subscribing to Hulu’s basic subscription plan, you might get annoyed with their array of adverts, so if you despise ads (like most of us do), try their $11.99 subscription plan. But if you’re feeling adventurous, grab Hulu’s Live TV channel package to enjoy channels such as ABC, Animal Planet, Disney Channel, and CNN for a whopping $64.99 per month.

Before committing to any of these streaming services, ask yourself: “What do I enjoy watching?” And if Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video is the one for you, then what are you waiting for? Go for it! Let us know your pick in the comments below.  

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