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Time to break out the Chimichangas, folks, because the latest 'Deadpool 2' trailer has landed and it’s an absolute doosey. We can barely handle how hyped we are

As you’re likely well aware, Poehler & Spivey aren’t the only 'Parks and Recreation' alums to have gone on to enjoy a wonderful, impressive career. Here are some

If you’ve just about recovered from the disappointing dreck of 'The Defenders', you might be happy to know a second season of the Marvel series isn’t looking likely.

Turn on the TV and get ready for some bingewatching, because for this International Women’s Day the females are Netflix ‘n’ Killin’ it.

Here at Film Daily, we’re big believers that Ms. Jones is easily one of the finest female superheroes of all time. But here’s a ranking of ten more

Intentional or otherwise, 'Jessica Jones' is currently providing one of the most entertaining and cathartic commentaries about gender politics on television. Here are some of the badass ways

A new psychological thriller series set to be executive-produced by M. Night Shyamalan has found its home at Apple. Written by Tony Basgallop, who recently worked on '24:

Usually found drinking a bottle of whiskey a day – a habit we can’t discourage enough – Krysten Ritter’s scowling, biting performance as 'Jessica Jones' ranks high among

Throwing a Batarang through the movie press today is the news stating Joss Whedon has left DC’s upcoming 'Batgirl' movie. Whedon was slated to direct the film, which