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As new details keep trickling out of the Upside Down (or you know, the set) about S3 of 'Stranger Things', we’re experiencing monster levels of excitement in anticipation

Love creepy teen shows with a horror heart? Netflix has given a ten episode order for a new horror teen drama called 'The Order', which we’re all more

In the past couple of years there have been numerous innovative and unexpected soundtracks featured in some of the best TV shows. So here are thirteen of what

Everyone, get those foreheads ready for an almighty facepalm, because it looks like the 'Stranger Things' creators are being sued for allegedly “stealing” the idea for their hit

From the level of noise surrounding this story, it's clear everyone is seriously thirsty for any 'Stranger Things' info they can get their hands on. To keep that

Pan-Asian zombie hit Train to Busan is set to be adapted into a virtual reality experience. Presumably such an experience will entail heaps of undead tension, as users

These days, creating a campaign that stands out means doing something different. Let’s take a look at some of the most genius marketing ploys in big and small

We’re onto day five into this year’s annual South by Southwest Film Festival – or SXSW as it’s better known – and already there’s been a plethora of

Since the early 00s we’ve enjoyed a spate of magical realism in a number of TV shows. Sometimes the entire show will revolve around the concept, while other