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Though we can’t make the production of the sequel adaptation to Stephen King's 'It' go any faster, we can recommend some essential viewing to keep you hyped in

Over a century ago, filmmakers tired of Edison’s camera patent fees and expensive East Coast production costs fled to Los Angeles to start a booming new film industry

As many of you know, this weekend saw the 24th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards honoring the best achievements in film and TV performances for the past year

CBS has announced they will be airing an interview with Dylan Farrow on Thursday. A short clip reveals that Farrow will be talking about Woody Allen’s alleged sexual

David Harbour (Netflix’s Stranger Things) was interviewed by Collider where he talked about his deep desire to play a “fat” Indiana Jones. He also shared some bold opinions

Love a good underdog story? You’ll want to check out this Variety blog post from Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon, the writers of the breakthrough romcom The Big

The 75th year of Golden Globes marked Hollywood’s most prominent public ceremony since the sexual harassment scandal broke in October. Overall, this year’s event wasn’t exactly anticipated to

We covered the bottom 25 of our top 50 here. Now, for the really good stuff: 25. One Mississippi For all the greatness of Tig Notaro herself, One Mississippi isn’t

Test audiences “couldn’t believe” Franco’s The Disaster Artist was based on a true story The suspension of disbelief is a critical element in storytelling, but it turns out that