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'Stranger Things' season 4 comes with new cast members and also several deaths. Spoiler alert: Discover who died in this new thrilling season.

Everyone from the ‘Stranger Things’ cast who died in season 4

Stranger Things season 4 is the missing piece we needed to connect the dots. This might not be the best season, but is definitely the one that marks a determinant moment in the storyline and announces the characters are no longer kids. Season 4 introduced more new cast members than any other, however, Vecna won’t let them live much longer. 

This Netflix original makes audiences understand that nothing is ever what we initially think, everything can change. Characters come and go in unexpected ways. Also, the new cast faces we were barely getting to know, soon go to the other side, which in this story can be understood as Vecna’s world or regular death. This article contains several spoilers, so if you haven’t watched the show, save this for later.

Honestly, this could have been Stranger Things’ last season by giving it a different ending. However, it’s definitely not strategic to kill Netflix’s most successful original in this critical moment when the platform is losing subscribers. Anyway, Stranger Things season 4 brought all we needed to understand this magical universe, but also the announcement that this is not the end. 

New cast members 

This volume 4 of Stranger Things brings a ridiculous amount of new cast members, as ridiculous as the number of deaths. This season definitely comes to remind us this is no longer as easy as playing D&D and the welfare of the entire world depends on Eleven’s ability to gain her power back.

It’s funny how some characters stay irrelevant across several seasons of this series (Mike Wheeler), while new cast members with fleeting appearances become iconic.  One great example of this is Max’s stepbrother Billy, interpreted by Dacre Montgomery, who died in less than a season but definitely transcended. 

The story begins with Eleven & Will’s new life out of Hawkins, which means they attended a new school full of different cast, however, we don’t see them much. Anyway, three new faces will sum up Hawkins: Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn), Chrissy (Grace Van Dien), and Fred Benson (Logan Riley Bruner). Sadly, all these characters will soon die. 

In other cast updates, Robin Buckley (Maya Hawke) will stay in the cast and play an important part with Nancy literally saving the world. On the other hand, Lucas Sinclair’s sister, Erica (Priah Ferguson) is joining their fighting team too, growing the number of feminine figures who are fighters

Saddest deaths in season 4

Fred Benson was just a high school kid who worked at the school newspaper with Nancy (Natalia Dyer), sadly, he died in the woods at Vecna’s hands. His death happened right after Crissy’s, in fact, he went to the woods on a journalistic trip to find out about her death. Still, they were both possessed by this entity, who holds them both through their deepest fears, Vecna operates through his prey’s agony. 

Crissy’s death is definitely a sad one, not only because we see a pretty & innocent girl being possessed but due to the couple she never made with Eddie Munson. The most popular girl in the school met the weirdo in the woods to buy drugs, yet, she found an instant connection that sadly never turned into anything else. In fact, scriptwriters of the series regretted killing these characters after they saw their chemistry. 

On the other hand, Eddie Munson died fighting to save Hawkins, yet, he was pursued by everyone in town. As Munson was the last person to interact with Chrissy and saw her traumatic death, he was automatically signaled as a murderer. This is undeniably Stranger Thing‘s most tragic death of all seasons. 

Do you remember Dr. Martin Brenner, the white-haired man Eleven called “Papa”? Well, you certainly will never forget him after season 4, also, probably you won’t see him again either, at least not in real-time. This twisted doctor recruited kids with special talents like Eleven and took them to their limits through really questionable practices. Luckily this won’t happen again, still, it was Eleven’s “papa”. 

Sadly, this season includes more dead than we can count on, this means Vecna is no longer messing only with the main cast. This last season left us all waiting for more and doubting other deaths, like Max, who went into a coma. Definitely, scriptwriters ensured another season to enlarge Netflix’s life a bit. 

Which death of Stranger Things in the fourth season was saddest to you? Tell us in the comments below!

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